Un-Necessary Work

Kids all around the world have to deal with this constant problem every day. Homework.

Homework, and lots of it. After a seven hour day of a hard, long, and stressful day of doing all of this school work, you have to come home and do even more of it! I thought the point of school was to do the work there, but instead teachers give us even more work that they expect for us to complete at home. This, to me, is complete absurdity. They (teachers I mean) give us extra work to do after they have gave us work to do for a whole hour and a half class. I think homework should be an optional choice to do, not a requirement. Homework can become very time-consuming and because of that a student’s whole day can be ruined because a teacher gave to much homework, or worse, the student may have homework due for multiple classes.

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When either of these things happen, a student can just be too busy for anything else in that day. Basically, you are going to school for another day of the week if you choose to do it on weekends. On weeknights, you just extended school from seven hours to at least ten hours. This means students have minimal time, to relax, eat, hang around their family, shower, and eat. If you add after-school sports to this equation, you just add more stress to this.

Homework can cause stress to student’s life. A student may not be able to understand the homework that was given because they did not even understand what was going on in class. I think homework caters to the more knowledgeable kids in school while leaving the ones that are less knowledgeable abandoned. This can be stressful to a student that wants a good grade and they are trying, but get a bad grade because they cannot find the correct answers. For a student this becomes very frustrating and pushes them away from doing the homework, which in-turn gives them a bad grade.

Homework should just be classwork for that day. If this was I think more people would do it, while still learning what they need. The homework is often more challenging than the classwork that day anyway. So it could be classwork with minimal help to see what you know and what you need to learn more of, without taking up time at home. You would still be making sure the student knows the topic at hand without causing the student to stress and get angry because they have no time or help to finish the homework.

Homework can cause some good things though. It isn’t all unnecessary. Sometimes it reinforces what you learned in class that day. Also it can help you remember the information better which will help you do on the test. Despite these things there are way more cons than pros.

It should be left up to the student to do the homework. If they don’t want to do it they shouldn’t have to because a teacher assigns it and you don’t want to fail, so you overcome obstacles that you shouldn’t have to.