Determination ; Hard Work Really Pays Off

My sister was given a laptop when she finished elementary school. My mom promised her one if she made the honor roll every year in elementary school. This was not going to be a problem for her.

My mom just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t slack off because she was almost finished elementary school. This promise was the cause of my sister working especially hard that year. Even though my sister knew it would be a cake walk, she was not going to take any chances. She studied every night. She was more attentive in class. She even went as far as not missing one day of school that year.

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She was determined to get that laptop. At the end of the year the effects of all her hard work and determination paid off. My sister not only made the honor roll all that year, but she made the Principals Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance all that year. SShe was awarded certificates by the school board for all her hard work. Her greatest award was her laptop.

My mom gave it to her at her elementary exiting ceremony, just as she promised she would.