Discipline, Determination, Dedication

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” With the knowledge attained from his successful football career, Vince Lombardi bestows these words of wisdom. Success in life is hard work.

It is difficult to balance all the aspects of our lives as we strive to find joy and success in each activity. Between academic endeavors, vocational pursuits, and familial obligations, life can become hard to handle. However, there is a secret to bringing more harmony and organization to everyday undertakings. Here it is; in order to balance school, work, and family, one must have discipline, determination, and dedication. Discipline is an invaluable virtue when balancing a busy schedule. In my own life, I have exercised many strategies to coordinate my day.

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For one thing, I have a massive calendar posted on my wall with about three to four months where all of my activities are recorded. Aside from that, I have a planner which allows me to list my tasks more specifically for each day. In addition, I always keep my notepad nearby to compose to-do lists, making sure I do not forget a thing. These methods of staying disciplined are lifesavers for me, as I have many things on my plate. They help me to budget my time in a way that works. Because I am homeschooled, I complete my school work in the morning and early afternoon hours of the day.

My current vocation is tutoring, which I typically have scheduled for the late afternoon. Lastly, I make dinner, take leisure, and spend time with my family in the evening. As you can see, discipline is one very significant element of keeping a balanced life. An exemplary example of the next quality, which is determination, may be discovered in my best friend, Annika. It is astounding to me how she never loses steam.

Rather, she pursues all that she commences to the very end. This is true for her school, work, and family responsibilities. Unfailingly, Annika finishes with strength in the academic year, pushing her personal capacity. Not only that, but she works various odd jobs to earn the money necessary to do the activities she enjoys. By cooking, cleaning, and babysitting for her family, she is able to serve her parents, three brothers, and one sister while spending time with them. Admirably, Annika recognizes why she does what she does, and uses this to motivate her to keep on going.

She possesses a great deal of determination. This leads us to the last facet of equalized living: dedication. Immediately, my friend and classmate Taylor comes to mind. Taylor Russell bursts with passion and dedication for all that she does.Ever since she was a young girl, she has enjoyed the art of dance immensely.

Week after week, she puts in extensive hours exercising and dancing to prepare for her weekend competitions all over the east coast. Never will she abandon or give up on this art form for the simple reason that she loves it! Although she may not enjoy it quites as much as dance, Taylor realizes the importance of a strong education. Therefore, she seeks to do her best in each subject, studying hard and equipping herself for college. In the area of family, she also shows dedication. Working hard to maintain healthy relationships with her younger brother and sister has become a habit, it seems.

She also puts in the effort to be with her hard-working parents. When you have a love and sense of loyalty for what you do, it becomes much easier to balance your life. This is what dedication gives you. Balancing academic endeavors, vocational pursuits, and familial obligations requires discipline, determination, and dedication. Discipline is having a time set aside for everything is crucial to accomplishing your responsibilities.

Determination means seeing everything through to the end, refusing to leave a job half-done. Dedication is staying committed to and having passion for the things you do. Life is not perfect and we are not perfect, so when failures take place, do not be discouraged. Get back up and try again! Finding equilibrium in the midst of school, work, and family is a monstrous feat, but applying these tools will take you a step in the right direction. I think Jesse Owens, four time Olympic gold medalist, said it best; “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”