'Worst teacher' Award

The bell rang, claiming the students better all be in their current class. The students stood, and sat, all talking waiting for their teacher to arrive.

A few seconds after the bell, she entered. Shes on the shorter side and she is blond, I’m pretty sure her eyes are green, but they should truly be red to match her devilish personality. The shape of her nose looks exactly like a bird beak, and she plastered her makeup on, it looked almost as if it were tattooed to her face. Sometimes its seems as if she is in a good mood just because of how she smiles. She moves her lips up into a crooked smile showing disgusting, yellow teeth and she stares at all the students seeming not to dare to blink.

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Today was one of those days. She would smile, but truthfully, someone would talk or do something and she would snap! That is exactly what had happened. Nearly two minutes after the bell rang, the students talked loudly. They knew the results of getting out of control but, they do it everyday. She hushes her students to a quiet tone, not yelling, not yet anyway.

.. The class wouldn’t have to see her bad side if they all just stayed quiet and listened but, somebody always dared to turn around and ignore that statement. Halfway through the period, and halfway through her lesson, somebody asks a question that happens to catch her off guard. Her attention span is like a little kids, she can focus on one subject but be off topic in the snap of a finger.

She answers the students question and trails off into something completely opposite. After five minutes passed she finally starts thinking straight and begins her lesson again. A poor student not paying attention and had turned around to talk, didn’t notice that the teacher was back onto the lesson. She catches the students and screams their name at the top of her lungs. Her voice is as deep as a monsters when she yells. The student’s know that this wasn’t just a typical “Turn around” Scream.

They all knew that this would drag on for much longer than a few seconds. She would yell at the student then go into a session of complaints about how she works all day long. She would say how her throat hurts from talking all day to students who do not listen. This teacher wasn’t a typical teacher. She isn’t the image of the nice, young, and helpful teacher. She is mean and, she sure wasn’t young either! Parents have come in and said how she once taught them.

The wrinkles on her cheeks, and the ones surrounding her eyes, always gave away her age. Her student’s always dare to do something stupid that causes her to yell but, they never stop. People wonder, don’t they ever get tired of getting caught? Shes the type of teacher if you’re getting picked on, she won’t defend you. She will yell at the top of her lungs for something too pointless to even yell at. She deserves devil horns to match her rude personality, but maybe thats going a little too far. Maybe she just deserves the worst teacher award.