Ideal Teacher

I am on the hunt to find my quintessential teacher and I am still on the lookout. I am in the middle of my freshman year of high school, so I still have quite a bit of school left but I also have been in school for a while. Most of the teachers I’ve encountered have almost met my needs of a perfect teacher.

In 6th grade, I had a teacher who was caring about how we did on our work and she was easily approachable for help if I needed any, but she was lacking the kinesthetic and visual characteristic. If I happened to meet my ideal teacher one day I would prefer them to be a visual and kinesthetic teacher, approachable, and caring.I have listed my likings from most important to not as important. First on my list is that they have to be a visual and kinesthetic teacher. I feel I learn better that way and I can comprehend information better if I do the work or I see somebody do the work.

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If I just hear them talk about the subject they are teaching, the information just flies in one ear and out the other. I once had a teacher that was a kinesthetic user in middle school and I did very well in that class. I was very involved and I actually had fun doing all of the projects. On the other side, I had a teacher completely opposite to what I am looking for and I didn’t do as well in that class. I was still involved and I was still participating in that class but I didn’t have as fun as I did in the other classes that were more my style. My next characteristic is that they have to be approachable.

I feel it’s easier to ask questions when I need help on a problem. I, personally, just try to figure out the problem on my own if I am too scared or nervous to go up and ask him or her, which is not a got tactic for me. I currently have a class that I am terrified of the teacher. It seems like he has two separate people living in his body. One minute he could be super happy, greeting everybody as they walk in the classroom, and the next minute he could snap and yell at everybody in the room for making one noise. I am afraid that I’m going to say something that might make that irritated and grumpy side come out.

On the flip side, I have a class that I can easily go up and ask the teacher without hesitation about a problem that I have and he is delighted to help me and other people. I know everybody has bad days and they are grumpy sometimes, but if they could forewarn us that they may be in a bad mood that day I would really appreciate it. Finally, my last characteristic is that they have to be caring.Now I know in high school and especially in college, teachers or professors tell you once about a project and never talk about it again until you have to turn that project in. If they could at least remind us that we have a project due a certain day that would be perfect. They don’t have to tell us everyday that we have something due but to at least remind me every other day or every week about what is due next.

Overall I would just love for a teacher to be visual and kinesthetic, approachable, and caring. Hopefully, a teacher sees this one day and takes a moment to actually think about what students want in a teacher more than what a teacher wants in their students. I’m not saying that what a teacher wants in their students isn’t important, I just personally think that if a teacher has a survey or a questionnaire at the beginning of the year about what I want in a teacher then he or she could get a feel for what she has to make for the year. If a teacher was to do that it would make me feel appreciated and show that they give a little more effort towards my learning than other teachers.I am still on the hunt to find that ultimate teacher that so little are able to find. Through all my years of being in school, and even just my extracurriculars, I still haven’t had any luck.

Sooner or later, I hope I have more luck in my many years of academics left to find that perfect and ideal teacher I am looking for.