Yellow is the New Pink

September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day.

Worldwide, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, has spread the word about this issue via social media and their website, In the United States alone about 40,000 lives are taken every year for suicide and suicide is the second leading cause of death for Americans ages 15-24, according to

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Local High School students helped support Suicide Prevention Day by spreading the word and wearing yellow on Wednesday the 10th. Senior Jenny said, “What I have done to help make people aware are spread the word through social media, make announcements at school and talk to people in my classes. Suicide has shaped my whole life, it is hard losing a parent due to something unrealistic but I now know more about it and can spread the word.” Four years ago, Jenny lost her mom to suicide. Senior Ericsaid, “My mom and I have had many problems due to my dads committing suicide.

My entire life has been different without a father figure. We have troubles paying the bills. It’s hard.” Ericsays he understands the real impact of suicide. Students really gave the feel that they know how suicide can affect peoples lives.

If you have ever had suicidal thoughts or have maybe even tried to commit suicide you should visit On the website you can find a hotline to call 24-7. Or if it is a serious urgent issue then call 411 or 911.