Geneva Geneva is based in Hanover, Germany. It is a multinational group that makes health and beauty products. Four months ago, it assembled a project team of 16 members drawn from subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. The team, managed by Ryan Douglas, was instructed to carry out a major survey of Job satisfaction in all the subsidiaries. This would Involve traveling to subsidiary companies, interviewing staff, administrating surveys, analyzing results and producing a final report in 18 months’ time.

The team would have to work to tight deadlines, under constant pressure to complete the various stages of the work. Four months later, it became clear that the project was badly managed. The morale of team members was low and progress on the project had been too slow. The management of Geneva decided to replace Ryan Douglas, the current Project Manager. The problem was to decide who to put In his place.

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Who would have the right management style to lead the multinational team? The directors of Geneva have talked informally to several candidates who would be interested in taking over from Ryan Douglas.

The candidates were asked to note down their management style. You are requested to: a) make an analysis of each candidate’s management style and, b) state your choice for Project Manager, together with your reasons. Read Below the candidates own descriptions of their management style : Manager # 1- Eliot New Business Manager I am a strong confident person. My job: To give instructions & see they’re carried out. Not interested in excuses if the work is not done.

It’s essential to give the staff clear goals & to check often to make sure they’re meeting deadlines.

Don’t like staff arguing, if they do, I listen then tell them what to do. I’m decisive, sometimes I get it wrong, who doesn’t? My staff is multinational; So, I am trying to adapt my management style. Appraisal interviews: Once a year with staff, always friendly & productive. Strengths: Leadership & achieving targets.

Personality: Tough, fair, loyal to staff and a bit impatient at times. Manager # 2- Janet Manager, Computer Services A people person. Our staff is our biggest asset. My job: To try & make sure everyone’s happy In the department. Enjoy meetings.

Decide everything in discussions with staff. Talk about our goals and decide them together. Once I have made up my mind, I don’t change It, very decisive. Spend lots of time sorting out staff problems, It’s a priority. Appraisal Interviews: Every six months.

Check every week to see If they’re k. Strengths: Good listener, well organized, & get the details right. Personality: Warm, friendly & understanding. Wonderful atmosphere In the department. Manager # 3 Anna Transport Manager Ambitious, hardworking & responsible.

My lob: Organizing people so that they get the Manager #4 Chichi

Hardworking, democratic & loyal. My Job: To meet the targets set by my superior. Work done. I’m tough, I love to be with my staff, truck drivers, warehouse men, etc. Always set goals & then let them get on with it. Their Job? To carry out my instructions to the letter.

Like to offer incentives, e. G. Bonuses, prizes, free holidays, etc. Competition is good; it brings out the best in the staff. Appraisal interviews: Once a year, usually waste of time. My strengths: Organizing, motivating & getting the Job done.

My personality: Strong, bossy, successful, tough outside but soft inside.

Essential not to let the company down. Hold lots of meetings with staff. No time limit. Discuss our goals with staff. Never take decisions without consulting staff.

Do not allow arguments at work- bad for team morale. Discuss sales targets with each member of staff. Set realistic targets. Work six days a week, often at the weekends. Expect staff to do the same.

Want staff to feel ashamed if they do not meet targets. Appraisal interviews: Every quarter. My strengths: hardworking, social, never get angry. My personality: Serious, polite, professional. Very important for staff to respect me.