Case Study Report Introduction This case is about Zenova’s project team, Ryan Douglas is a manager who works at a multinational company called Zenova which makes health and beauty products. Four months ago, Ryan led his project team which integrated 16 members come from 5 different countries was ordered to perform a significant survey about job satisfaction of employees in all the subsidiaries and completed in 18 months. However, there are some problems about Ryan’s team and how to deal with inefficient work, such as low morale among team members and slow project development.Therefore, the company intends to replace Ryan and choose a suitable person to replace his position, either Elliot Smith or Silvia Adams.

In this case study report, these problems of Ryan’s project team will be identified and analysed. Then two possible candidates and an evaluation of them will be presented. Finally, a recommendation will be made about the best candidate to replace Ryan as the project manager for the multinational company. Problem Identification and Analysis Ryan’s project team’s 2 symptoms for there can be mainly divided into three obvious problems.First is Ryan using wrong leadership style, second is Ryan’s multinational issue and third is his poor personalities. According to different situation, good manager should choose appropriate leadership style for each specific situation (Thornton et al.

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2004, p. 35). In addition, Chang and Tharenou (2004, p. 65) maintain cultural awareness and understanding are crucial for manager at multicultural group. Finally, a good personal style can help manager make successful at work with team members.

A analysis of this case reveals that Ryan’s team symptoms can be attributed to his wrong leadership style.Through the results of 5 Ryan’s team members’ survey can be obtained that Ryan is using a directing style. He sets clear objective and tells his staff what to do, however he dose not tell his staff how to do or enough guidance about the work. Thornton (2004, p. 35) presents that a successful manager who use directing style not only tell staff what to do and how to do the task, but also need to tell staff the deadline when to finish it. Moreover, the survey also mentions that in different circumstances Ryan is not flexible to change his management style.

He wants things be done in his way and do not delegate to subordinate who have prolific experiences and enough competences. According to Hickey, Nader and Williams (2005, p. 28), managers should delegate work to appropriate staff and be flexible. In addition, he makes decisions too quickly and does not spend time with his team members. Because of his poor communication and directing management style, the staff lack motivation and low morale of team members.

The second problem is about Ryan’s poor cultural awareness and understanding in this multinational.It is means that Ryan does not care or want to spend time to learn and understanding other countries’ culture. As Chang and Tharenou (2004, p. 65) state a successful manager should at least understand the different cultural backgrounds of their each team member. Besides, his lack of cultural understanding led him to make too many mistakes and may even affect the team cooperation.

For example, he refused to have a cup of coffee when subordinate offered one, which is impolite in some countries like Saudi Arabia. A good manager should respect the differences and values of other culture (Chang correct and Tharenou 2004, p. 5). Finally, he should learn to adapt to different cultural way of doing things and accept correct criticism. What is very important for manager is that change themselves roles in their subordinates’ position then considerate of others(Chang correct and Tharenou 2004, p.

65). So Ryan need pay more attention to learn and understanding other cultures. The third problem with this case is that Ryan’s poor personalities and behavior. To begin with, Ryan is inconsiderate and rude. Cotton, Falvey and Kent (2006) states that he often put his feed on the table during the meeting which is very impolite and rude for people.

Chang and Tharenou (2004, p. 68) state that it is essential for a manager to pays more energy to the commonalities and respect differences which and between employees. Ryan’s personal style is too emotion and he is easy to get angry for subordinates. It will lead low morale of employees and lose self-confident. Furthermore, he has not enough patiences to treat team members and dose not friendly with his subordinates (Cotton, Falvey and Kent 2006). Because a good manager should provide a steady work environment for subordinates what is patient, pacific and harmonious (Chang and Tharenou 2004, p.

68)Possible solution and evaluation One solution is that the management of Zenova decides Elliot Smith who has been working at Zenova in Germany with staff for a year to replace Ryan Douglas as the project manager. He uses directing style, but he tries to adapt his management style and multinational staff. In multicultural group, a good manager need to adapt their management style when team member want to express their cultural differences about decision-making, communication and teamwork (Brett, Behfar and Kern 2006, p. 88). In addition, Elliot also gives staff clear goals and tells staff deadlines.

Both Horsley (2000, p. 5) and Hickey (2005, p. 28) state that manager should build a effective system what can motivate staff and promote completion of the goals. Nonetheless, sometimes Elliot lack of patience on the staff, Chang and Tharenou (2004, p. 127) claim that managers’ patient and personal feelings are very important conditions to create a good working environment for staff.

Another solution is that Silvia Adams replacing Ryan Douglas as the project manager. Silvia had six months of management experience and uses discussing style. Thornton (2004, p. 8) states that discussing style is a efficient management style to encourage staff share their ideas and confidence to speak out. Furthermore, Silvia is a good listener and friendly manager. At the same time effective communication can motivate staff to achieve their common goals (Chapman et al 2005, p.

47). She not only has well-organised ability but also can create wonderful work atmosphere in the department. However, Silvia decides everything in discussing whit all staff and spend lost of time with staff with staff. According to Thornton (2004, p. 9), although communication among staff is an important part of discussing style, managers need to select useful information and make the final decision. Recommendation In conclusion, it is recommended that Silvia Adams as a suitabe candidate to replace Ryan Douglas.

Firstly, Silvia uses an appropriate management style which is discussing style during her working. So she can determine problems and evaluate options at work. Secondly, she is good at people skills, such as effective communication with staff and good personal style. It is crucial to understand and friendly to other countries culture while working at multicultural company.Finally, She has more experience to manage multicultural company, this experience will help her more quickly and better adapt to the new work.

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