21st Century Teachers

This content contain some bad comments about teacher, this is specifically for teachers who are not actually teachers but just making the honorable profession a huge money making profession. Of course every teacher is a common human and need money to spend their life, but they get their money in the form of reward by the parents of students because they are making a student a good human with that they get honor and respect, due to which they are counted as a most respectful professional. Now the thing is why I am using a little abusing language for so called money making, or I would say just money making teachers. I would like to share an experience of my sister; she is taking tuitions from a guy who called himself as a teacher. He teaches a lot of students In a huge room with many fans and lights, just like a common tuition centre, and basically it is in a middle class area … There is a man outside his tuitions sells watermelon juice he had a son who goes to that tuition that I am talking about.

You guys can predict a juice seller earning. As a human being we should help our poor brothers and sisters, and this knowledge is given by teachers and parents too.(act of sympathy and help) This man the teacher, the character that I am trying to portray, is such a inhuman in this regard…

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he took more money from that child because he did not say anything why you are taking more money from me, teacher gave a fake reason that I have to give to authority and I know him very well that he is only owner of his tuition … And other thing is he is such a lazy and cunning person who never gives attention to students in the begging but at last he becomes a passionate teacher, I mean “common man! get a life” , you are such a miser that iffew students are sitting in the room you never open fan and infect light ,as I amtalking about that poor child that so called tutor did all this with that child because he never argue .. I mean he is cruel person and off course a miser who always thinks about making money and reserving it by doing all this rubbish with the students. Now the conclusion is how a teacher can do some mean these kind of disrespectful people don’t have conscience that they are doing wrong with week people just because they will not argue you can do anything..

. this is redicoluse . They are not teachers infect making this respectful profession dirty and filthy. ” I really respect this profession by core of my heart because I know a teacher is aperson that instruct his student what to do better in life and help them in fighting against obstacles in life” But then like I said before I am not insulting the profession but I am showing reality of some people who are linked up with this profession just for money my intention was to just enlighten you people from cruel reality of people who are messing up with the noble profession nothing else .. Hope you guys would take any step if see any person playing with any profession.