A Disguise of Being Unique

Dear School Board, Enforcing a school uniform is an egregious mistake. Students are unable to elicit their true uniqueness. The paucity of misbehavior in the school should allow a non-dress code day each Friday. Wearing casual clothing of their choice could be a way for the children to relate to other students. You may construe this letter as you wish, but I am just saying I believe that wearing a school uniform is an acrimonious rule. I’m not saying that you should tolerate inappropriate dress code with impunity, but enforcing a uniform is unfair, and boring.

Having to wear the same thing to school day after day, could get old quickly, and could possibly cause pernicious behavior. After hearing about the uniform at your school, my mind became distraught with thoughts of the students wearing the same clothing. There is no variety in clothing; no uniqueness. There was no duplicity of the discussions concerning this issue. The students that I spoke with said nothing but pernicious things about the school uniform.

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I advise you to consider allowing at least Friday as a day to wear non-dress code. The students would enjoy showing off their new fashions and styles. Having rules about the way the students are allowed to wear clothing is effective versus forcing them to wear the same clothing as the person next to them. Sincerely, Lindsey