A Feasibility Study of Step N Joy Food Haus

The firm’s name signifies the fun or the joy which are convincing to customers craving Pinoy dishes to our store using (step-in) tsinelas-shaped wares.

‘Step’ is the term literally mearns step-in (tsinelas) which shaped our primary design on our wares and look of our store. This word also notion the idea of “dropping by” of costumers in our stores. ‘n’ is a term we use in two different ways. First, it mearns as “and” that connects the two words “step” and “joy”. Having it said so; if you are going to step or drop by to our store, you can also have the righteous fun fully prepared for you.

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Secondly, it may mean as “en” which is used as a prefix for the word “enjoy”.

This time we mean that you should enjoy your time while staying in our store. ‘Joy’ is the term we used to express the feeling we want our customers to feel and keep upon going in and out of our store which eventually make ours a different from other food station. 1. 2 Location The exact location of the proposed food house is in Nicanor Reyes St. , cor. Lerma Ave.

, Sampaloc, Manila (facing Espana Blvd). The proponents had chosen the said location by evaluating it against a site criteria checklist.

The checklist has the following factors: ?Traffic count: cars or pedestrians ?Visibility access ?Proximity to competition ?Zoning ?Parking (include off-street parking) ?Condition of premises ?Proximity to customer generators ?Income level of neighborhood ?Population density ?Ethnic make-up of neighborhood ?Age factor ?Directional growth of area ?Area improving or deteriorating ?Crime/shoplifting rates ?Availability of qualified employees ?Labor rates of pay ?Supplier proximity ?Terms and rental rates ?Adequacy of utilities, gas, water ?transportation accessibility 1. 3 Brief description of the project

The Step N Joy Food Haus is a food house that will be located at Nicanor Reyes St. , cor. Lerma Ave.

, Sampaloc, Manila (facing Espana Blvd). It will offer pinoy dishes using tsinelas-shaped wares primarily to the sstudents and young professionals who would surely patronize and willing to experience this kind of set-up. Food will be offered having its quality and for a just price. The proponents have chosen to conduct a study for it because they can see its potential given the right oopportunity. 1.

4 Project Highlights The idea of proposing a unique food house was formed solely by the partners.

After having their Marketing Management subject, under a respected Dean who taught and encouraged them to make business that is out-of-the-box (the trend nowadays), their mindset are into making possible the impossible, be unique and trendy. The atmosphere and wares specifically bring out the uniqueness and fantastic place to dine in. 1. 5 Project Summary 1. 5.

1 Market acceptability According to the research survey method conducted by the proponents, Step N Joy Food Haus (Concept: Using tsinelas-shaped wares) was proven to be acceptable after having the majority result.

The gap between demand and supply also shows that there is available market to cater. 1. 5. 2 Technical Viability The proposed business will rent a two-storey fast food house along Lerma Ave.

The two floors will house all the facilities needed in the operation. Twenty dining tables with four seater chairs will be provided with the total of 80 seats. 1. 5. 3 Management availability Partners on investments can select and hire people for the business since they have a wide array of knowledge due to the fact that they are Business Management majors.

Though they are only capitalist partners, they still have the ultimate know-how of what to do in the entire business. 1. 5. 4 Financial profitability Profit is the aim of every business but this time, profits for the proponents is not their only goal. Though profits are vital for the firm to survive, catering the needs of people is more than just this diaspora. 1.

5. 5 Socio-economic impact Step N Joy Food Haus will help boost our economy since it will generate taxes and will add budget to our government which in turn benefit the Filipinos.