Feasibility Study of Malungay

So, Coffee Circus was providing about segment by use criterion as follow. 1 . Demographic: -Unlimited gender. Limited ages. -Several of Career there are student.

2. Geography: -Area around University of Battings. -Area around offices. -Dormitory of university student. 3. Behavior: -Readiness of money to purchase.

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-Both of steady customers and irregular customer. -Both of already have experience and don’t have experience to drink coffee or was consumer of coffee shop. -Loyalty to the product. -Intention to purchase. 4.

Psychology: – Lifestyle of people who concern about healthy and consumption.

– Personality was healthy and looks good. Our company concern about activities of shop to respond about requirements, laity, cost-effective and economizes of consumer and make consumer classify by concern to serving their specific needs and demand of customer in each group. So the target that we should to follow is demographic segmentation because comfortable and easy to enhance our product as follows: * Main Target Marketing: student both of high school and college. Also the people working on offices and teachers. Secondary Target Marketing: people all of proper for gender and ages who live in area around Coffee Circus. * Future Target Marketing: people who interesting in franchise business with Coffee Circus.

Supply There are competitors of Coffee Circus: Struck Coffee Product: Snacks, pastries, coffee, tea and beverages Price: Snacks 40-150 pesos, Pastries 50-150 pesos, Coffee 85-165 pesos Place: At SMS City Battings Customer Capacity: 30-40 people Facility: chairs, tables, magazines, TV This is the strong competitor of Coffee Circus because they provide product inside enough employees when many customers coming.

So this is the opportunity to Coffee Circus because our employees are trained and enough to serve services to customers. Strength of Struck is they are known as the largest coffee house many in the world but if compare with prices and services that customers get from Coffee Circus it can make customer more satisfaction than Struck Coffee.

Gaping Barack Product: Snacks, pastries, coffee and beverages Place: front of Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Church Customer Capacity: 10-15 people Facility: chairs, tables This shop provides beverages, foods, pastries and coffee with quite expensive price around plaza Mamboing and front Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Church. Gaping Barack coffee shop has slow serving products and services because they eave only 2 or 3 employees in the shop.

The size of the shop is small area and haven’t enough car park for the customers.

So, those are advantages for Coffee Circus to attract customer because products of our company is low price than Gaping Barack and better service. Demand and Supply Analysis Beside University of Battings has high competitive in the market because they have the same target group that is the students and people that are working in offices. Most of our competitors have the weakness about the narrow area of the shop and have not enough car park for the customers. So, when we know the status, strengths, and weakness of our competitors.

Coffee Circus can plan strategy that concern about products and services of high quality and healthy to make word of mouth by using the customers advertise our company. And we will try to set our plan and strategy able to change along with current situation and trend in easily to provide products and services for support customers requirement so that make our company increase number of sale and profit. Price Study Coffee Circus set low price for products because we are new shop in this business.