Feasibility Study Printers on Wheels

Printing files seems to be a necessity for us nowadays, having those important documents and some mind bugling researches that are at once needed to be print. We all know that everyone seeks for convenience in everything that they do, hassle free and worry free service is one of the key to satisfy all our demands. Isn’t it nice to have a printing shop that is very fitting to the location of the school and to the office? Imagine printing all your files in just a while without worrying that it will be creased or crumpled due to a long trip printing it at your home.

Printers on wheels will revolve on the quality of services that we can offer to the market. Fast and Convenient services will surely put us in the limelight. We can assure every service that we give to our customer is really worth it in every cent that they pay for us.

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Consistency in everything we do will be also our trademark, in terms of serving our customer on queue we shall practice the first come first serve policy so that we can avoid problems such as impatience among our customers.

S is a service-provider over an automobile, promoting a hassle-free and haggard-free printing services to anyone located around the area. POW’s service is ranging from printing any form of documents, black or colored printing jobs are highly entertained. POW’s aimed to give their customers a quality service that everyone aspires, including virus-free USB portals that guarantee to protect any devices, a quick service that’s like a blink of an eye and most importantly free editing services that are served with a smile.

Name of the Enterprise The Power Group Company.

was named as such for reasons that the owners of the company made the name itself during their grouping activities in school, they associated there name as a “Power Group” every time there will be a project grouping and some case studies for that certain subject. PGC was born on August 2009 in Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines. The group is comprises of the following members, namely Karlo Ambrocio, Charmie Sy and Marc Reymond Fernandez, all of them are Industrial Engineering students.

It was then the proponent’s last year of stay in the Institute and the proponents were all enrolled in Project Feasibility course under Professor Ma. Cecilia Cruz, when the proponents are required to come up with a business plan as a part of their initial course requirements. The Company Logo [pic] Meaning of the Logo The logo of the group is aligned with the overall concept of the business project itself.

The group decided to use the following colors so that it will be noticeable.

The primary colors of the ink that the group uses are cyan and yellow, therefore once you combined it, the color green will be the result of it. That’s why the color of the letter “O” is green and then the other letters “P” and “W” are just the primary colors red and blue respectively. The group also put some wheels on the printer chassis so that the meaning of printers on wheels will be easily recognized by our target markets.