Maturing is about moving forward through both the good and bad.

But, moving forward is also about learning, letting go, and waving goodbye to the past. The poem, “Wheels” by Jim Daniels illustrates moving forward by waving goodbye to our past. Jim Daniels perspective on moving forward is demonstrated through his use of syntax. How a poet constructs his lines, and uses punctuation helps to carry meaning. Daniels lack of punctuation and brief line length expresses that life never stops as long as you “wave” goodbye to the past. Daniels writes “wearing his cap and gown/waving/in his yellow Barracuda/with a girl leaning into him/waving”.

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These lines show, through there length and lack of punctuation, that life continues to move forward. The poem “Wheels” contains the literary elements alliteration and repetition to express the theme. Through the constant words and sounds it euphemizes that life moves forward. For example Daniels writes, “waving/in his first rig/wearing a baseball hat backwards/waving”. In these lines the constant sound of “W” emphasis the word waving goodbye to the past.

The repetition of the word waving is important because before you can move forward you must constantly say goodbye to the past. Daniels artistic use of the literary elements syntax, alliteration and repetition help to prove his point that you must say goodbye to move on. Maturing is about staying positive during the good and bad times. In order to mature you must keep moving forward like wheels.