Literary Canon

Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I believe the book ‘Foraged by Fire’ by Drapers should be on the Literary Canon. I believe this book is very motivational, has a amazing story line proves that there can be happy endings even in the worst situations. The first reason I believe Foraged by Fire should be included in the literary canon is that it’s a very motivational. Even though Garland is faced with a number of issues, he continues to move forward.

He overcomes many obstacles within the story. Garland manages to keep his faith and keep on moving, even when it seems easiest to give up. The second reason is the book has an amazing story line that can be relatable in some ways to readers. Garland is taken from his mother at the age of three. She left him home alone, where he started a home fire and was hospitalized. His aunt took custody of Him.

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When she died he was given back to his mother, Who had an abusive boyfriend & used to ‘touch’ Angel, Garlands sister. The final reason is because it proves that there it light at the end of the tunnel, even the worst tunnels. Towards the end of the book, Jordan, The Mother’s boyfriend, Attacks Angel while cooking. Garland then confronted Jordan. The home soon caught on fire due to the burning food on the stove.

Jordan dies in the house fire. After his death, Garland, His mother and sister are free to start a new life. As you can see, Forged By Fireis deserving of the literary canon because of its motivational intake, The amazing story line and because of the proof happy endings do exist. I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary canon. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Tyrus T.