A Modest Length

What is the biggest issue at schools for students? Dress code.

Everyone has a different take on this subject when it comes to knowing what is too strict of a dress code. What is too long, too short, too tight, or too loose? These are the questions most students, especially girls, ask themselves every morning as they get ready for school. Is it worth it getting dressed in style to get pulled aside in front of the whole school to be told that showing shoulders is just too distracting for the poor boys who just seem to not concentrate during class. No, of course not.But if every girl needs to be reminded of what is the right type of clothes they should wear to insure the education for all the guys who are so tempted by looking at the very attractive and seducing shoulders or legs of a girl, then it shall be.

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Or to make this situation less awkward for the girls, uniforms for both guys and girls would be the best solution for this controversial issue. Lets put the idea of having uniforms be the solution to his unending problem that most schools have today and focus on how inappropriate girls dress to school. When it comes to high school, the dress code rules are enforced strongly to the point where it could take, according to the New York Post, “200 kids…90 percent of them girls” to detention due to wearing short shorts and tank tops because of their “un-air-conditioned school” (“School’s strict dress code nets 200 detentions and a rebellion”).

The way this school took care of the problem was completely brilliant. Putting all those girls in detention will definitely make them understand that even though it could be 100 degrees in class, wearing a tank top and short shorts is extremely inappropriate, especially when it comes to the boy subject. That is why it is strongly suggested in most school to wear shorts that are finger length long. So for all those girls who have long arms and long fingers, they get to be the lucky ones to wear the very fashionable long shorts that are in style. But shorts are not just the only clothing item that girls should also have to be aware about, but razorbacks are also an issue. As we all know, showing off our shoulders could be very tempting for men especially boys who are trying to get an education but are prevented due to the attractiveness of a girls shoulder.

It has come to the point where students can’t “wear tank tops in one of the hottest states, are holes above the knee” because showing off skin above the knee is completely out of this world (“Bare shoulders? Hows dare you”). Now the main reason for why girls are forced to wear a certain type of lengthy shorts or a covered up top is to protect and secure the boys education. It is completely obvious that because girls show off so much skin by wearing ripped jeans, shorts that don’t go to their knees, and Razorbacks it easily attracts anyone who is going through puberty and can easily be sexually appealed to that. In order to protect these poor boys that are tempted by these girls, uniforms would calm the situation. Schools should ban the use of any clothes where skin is shown, therefore girls should wear skirts that go from their waist down to their knees, high socks just in case the skirt goes up a little bit, and long sleeve turtlenecks, basically they would be dressed as nuns.

And to go with the new fashionable nun style uniforms, the boys should dress up looking as priests that way no one will ever have the slightest intention to be distracted by anyone’s skin.This will “simplify [teachers] jobs, [by] saving them from having to punish kids for too-short skirts and shorts” (“What to wear? Schools increasingly making that decision”). This will insure everyone’s education and minds to be fully focused all the time because we don’t want a society full of distracted boys caused by girls who purposefully buy short shorts from the stores out of the many long shorts they have available to seduce the guys during the most hottest times of the year. But now with these fashionable uniforms, no girl will be able to try or work hard to be in style because the nun look will help them bring out the beautiful person they are inside. Luckily there are still people like me who think that it is absurd to think that girls can interfere with the education of boys being by showing off skin, which to me is completely normal.

Thankfully this is my last year in high school and I won’t have to worry about dress code in college. Although the idea of uniforms seems tempting for many schools to use in order to stop dress code issues, there are still going to be many issues with these students wearing uniforms. Girls will still try to rebel against this idea by protesting or by wearing their uniforms inappropriately. But then again, as a senior in high school, dress code will not be one of my problems.