A Modest Proposal To Use Gasoline that won’t make Car Owners, Sell their Ca

It’s a shame to watch your coworkers ride away on a bicycle when their shift ends. A 25 year old man reduced to his 14 year old brother’s standard of living. You have a job, and even own a car, but can’t use that car daily because the price of fuel is just too great to handle. Some gas tanks cost about an arm and a leg to fill. There is a brand new alternative that was just confirmed this past week. Due to new inventions, Scientists from Struggles laboratory in Area 51 have created this new innovation that miraculously allows us, an average person, to use the seeds of our homegrown fruits to power our vehicles.

This method will work with all types of vehicles. 100% fruit juice will also suffice to power the engine, however; Minute Maid and Dole products are not recommended due to the highly acidic quality and the risk of children drinking all of your new gas. All you need to do is put the seed right into the engine and it will continuously produce slow burning sugars that will keep your car on the move for months. If you would rather use the fruit juice method, simply pour the juice into the gas tank and your vehicle will be ready to run for months on end. You may also use a combination of both the seed and the fruit juice to get one full year of a powered car for just one payment of $49.

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99. All you need to do is visit your local Core Station today. First, these methods work because of the natural sugars produce by seeds and found in fruit juice. It will produce enough power to get even the heaviest of trucks moving at a considerable rate. Secondly, it will work in all weather conditions because the seed will be heated by the engine at all times, therefore; it won’t freeze. The juice will always be shielded from the environments by the gas tank, keeping it at a constant temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Third, it can be used by either the wealthy or the poor and by all people of driving age because of how low the cost is. Fourth, it will work on all terrain because the natural sugars available from the seed and the fruit juice provide enough power to ascend large mountains and travel across endless plains. Fifth, it can potentially pull the economy out of the national debt single handedly. Because of the low price of just $49.99, everyone will be able to drive to work. The more people that will work the more money there is to be spent.

Once consumers regain their footing in the economic world the nation will once again flourish. Sixth, this is an affordable option that will spark innovation and new endeavors that may create a more affordable power source in the future. Some people have stated that this idea will never catch on and that it is too farfetched for the public to use. Some say that there is still enough fossil fuel for several more decades, and that our scientists should be focusing on more immediate problems in our society, such as what McDonald’s burger meat is actually made out of and creating the next low calorie soda. I believe that this is actually a life changing discovery. This will change society and the economy so drastically there may not even be the classification of wealthy and poor people.

If we can get the public to accept this great innovation, we can spark something revolutionary. “Core” Industries has the power to change the nation if the public will give it a chance. Core could power NASA with its new power source to get even further space exploration; all from one fruit cocktail. All it takes is your acceptance to a cheaper, more efficient life style.