A Necessary Evil

School. When you start it is feels easy although as you get older it becomes a living hell! I mean trust me, I go through it about every day! When it comes to school there are no real strategies, tricks or tips that you can get from your family, friends or teachers. No. But what you can get from your family, friends and teachers is advice and life lessons. Now I’m not just saying the same thing that everyone says, “Respect your elders, because they are wise.

” Because as true as that is, I didn’t just make some random old blog just so I could search down old sayings and phrases and put them into every post I ever made, but I made this blog so I could show my true self, show my skills with writing and so I could say what I please and share my experiences in life with other viewers. Back to school we go. When it comes to being popular, just say to yourself that, “being popular is not what I am at this school for, I am here to show my talents and learn!” Because if you are, “that kid”, who wants to be the center of attention and who wants to be noticed every single second of every day, then you will probably not be able to make it through high school or even middle school, if you have that going through your mind! The reason for that is because if you are a person who thinks that being popular in high school “actually matters” then you are that person that I loathe because being “popular” just doesn’t matter once you pass middle school. Once you are in high school, the handcuffs that are keeping you held back from doing all of the things you love and the handcuffs that are stopping you from showing your REAL talents, are unlocked. And once those handcuffs are unlocked, your true personality will SHINE and honey when I say SHINE, I REALLY MEAN SHINE! You will feel like a trillion bucks because you will know that you are too good for those “I’m way too popular for you” kids. And you know that because those kids will still be trying to find out what their talents are, due to them never really thinking about what they were good at and what they would do with their life.

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While you will have succeeded and gotten A’s in every class and made good friends. So, to wrap this up I would really like to thank my parents and my inspiring Aunt Annie, my Uncle Jeff and my Aunt Claire, for helping me through this EXTREMELY tough time in my life. As my Aunt Annie says “School is a necessary evil” and that is exactly what school is!