A & P

Sammy quits his job at the grocery store because of the disrespect towards the costumers. This story is about a teenage boy that works as a cashier at a small grocery store in town. Three girls walk in and one catches his eye, and let me remind you that these girls walked in nothing but their swim suits. Soon the manager of the store walks in and sees the girls and feels that it is just not right. They are not clothed and he tells the girls to get out of the store. Sammy, the main character then quits his job because he feels that the manager disrespects the girls.

Also, the manager is a close family friend with Sammy’s parents. From reading this story, people can learn that well maybe the manager is right that the girls should have been more clothed then they were. People should realize that they need to follow the rules and they cannot do what they want because they will have consequences to face. The girls got kicked out of A ; P and that evidence right there supports my idea. Well, this story is about teenagers so I feel that teens can relate to this story. Teens can learn again, to follow the rules.

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Boy teenagers can learn to not look at girls in that way just because they have a swim suit on. Do you think Sammy would find ‘Queenie’ attractive if she did not wear her swim suit? Boys these days, well, are disrespectful. In the beginning of the story where ‘Queenie’ catches his eye that supports my idea. Teenagers would enjoy this story, I did. Older people like in their 60’s – 80’s I do not think that they will enjoy this story. This story is about teenagers in a small town in the summer time.