A Simple Solution

In these dark times, drastic measures are called for.

While our nation faces an economic failing and a cultural flood of savages and illiterates, the well-born gentleman who run this fine country find themselves with no solution. They are forced to hire brute foreigners, those who barely know our fine language and who flood our pristine nation with a rainbow of impure colors, and to shell out their own money from bulging pockets to these starving masses clad in rags. Then our unfortunate leaders of business must be responsible for the savages, having to force their managers to interact with them on a daily basis, having to fire their own laborers to make space for these underpaid job-stealers. Thus is the working man sold, replaced with the newest, cheapest model of laborer. These foreigners come from warn torn, starving lands, greedy for American money but disdainful of good ol’ American customs, like English, normal clothes, American food, big screen T.

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V’s, they forsake all that is America and instead spend their hard-earned, stolen money on cheap foreign rice for their starving children. But I plead with the elites of America, the natural leaders, born with the cut-throat instincts and moral bankruptcies necessary to be the leaders of business, I beg of them to consider an alternative, novel it may be, to stop this Holocaust of cheap labor and put and end to the pinhole leaks in our money tanks. It’s a simple solution, actually, merely the negation of wages for those of different melanin content, and then a simple clause to ensure that the aforementioned coloreds continue their manual labor. What I offer is not a drastic change, but merely a return to the old ways, the was America was meant to be run. When our Fore Fathers wrote the blessed Constitution of the U.S, times were better, simpler.

Thomas Jefferson himself was a slave-owning man, and he understood how much efficiency could be increased by the careful application of a whip and manacles. Our far sighted, inspired, and successful Founding Fathers created the greatest country on earth, and they embraced the “Peculiar Establishment,” or the wage-less labor of foreigners. It is only right that modern Americans follow their wishes and do the same. This system will have a multitude of positive effects. It will help turn around or lagging economy, by eliminating one of the largest costs that businesses are shackled by.

When great companies are no longer required to shell out their own hard-earned, blood money to the inconsiderate cretins who bled on it in the first place, America’s economic muscles will once again swell as if under hard labor. The wealthy owners will be able to pass more of the earnings on to their handpicked lackeys and managers, instead of letting all that cash sink, as if chained to a rock, to the bottom of the social pool. In addition, a thriving new market of human stock will emerge, generating even more profits off the sweat of the underclass. In addition, this social reconstruction will eliminate the terrorist threats to America. No longer will America shine a brilliant beacon of liberty and safety, a prime target for any terrorist. Instead, masked behind a wall of deception, protected by foreign threats with a body shield of prime foreign stock, we will rule our reign of profit and power in safety.

The actual implementation of this rescue shall be simple an effective. For the most part, laborers may remain where they currently work, as this is the area of the most expertise for them. Children, instead of attending school paid for by other hard working laborers, will instead be conditioned for the job of their parent from the age of 3, with the female children following the dame’s occupation while the males take on that of the studs. Many workers are all ready segregated into premade housing compounds by ethnicity, so it would only be a simple task to herd up the few remaining stragglers and relocate them to these ghettos. Those who consider this plan may worry about the initial costs, the capitol investment. They need not worry, for this plan will provide for itself all needed cash.

The soon-to-be enslaved foreigners currently work long hours for meager wages, and barely have enough to get by often, but when we take in the fact that the costs of living could be cut significantly by increasing the capacity of living spaces, restricting needless luxuries like heating or entertainment, and by using as sustenance whatever food item happens to be the cheapest per pound on that day. In addition, whatever savings the stock has built up can be immediately confiscated, as their nest eggs are already consistently looted by the insurance and credit companies. This initial intake would be more than enough to fund the project. In short, I beseech you, the reader, to take it upon yourself to save our shining white nation from the threats of economic collapse and foreign invasion, to return this country to the ways the nations founders envisioned it, to take a stand for the wealthy man. Be strong, be brave, be heartless, make America proud, and Devil take the rest of the world.