The Benefits of a Simple Plant

A lot of individuals are misled on the issue of marijuana. They view it as a detrimental plant and are not aware of the medical benefits that this plant can provide. In most parts of the world, marijuana is regarded as illegal due to its effects on both individuals and society. Marijuana, also known as cannabis sativa, has more than three hundred constituent substances.

Among these chemical constituents is psychoactive agent called Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, THC. The chemical is responsible for making marijuana users get stimulated. Marijuana can even make an individual violent that is why this plant is mostly associated with detrimental consequences (Earleywine 67). However, marijuana possesses some positive aspects as it can be used in the medical field. A lot of information concerning the medical benefits of marijuana is supported by medical studies, which have shed more light on improvement of health condition provided by marijuana. As much as such studies have endeavored to enlighten the society on the medical importance of marijuana, these benefits have been dismissed, downplayed, as well as discarded by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Even in its recommendation it is alleged that “no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States” (Geluardi 103). With regard to such deliberations, some people perceive medical marijuana as illegal and immoral. Nevertheless, according to several studies, a lot of individuals, in the United States and the world over, see marijuana as an important medicine that eases unbearable pain (Pope 224). Despite the fact that marijuana, commonly known as cannabis, is seen as a harmful plant, it has been utilized for its medicinal feature for more than twelve thousand years. Prehistoric chronological pharmaceutical manuscripts, dating back about one thousand years ago, specify the broad range of uses for marijuana plant, which is cultivated all over the world. Therapeutic uses of marijuana are currently being revived in the United States before its prohibition in the last eighty years.

On the other hand, Western Europe and Canada are progressing hastily in the stipulation of laws to permit medical cannabis use as well as the employment of novel pharmaceuticals founded on cannabinoids.