A Study on the Warehouse Space Management

Packages handled by the particular Custom House Agent/ Forwarder showed be unloaded on the particular bays through the entry point near the particular bay. The bay series ‘A’ and ‘B’ are allocated to store pallet packages.

Apart from these bay there is an additional bay labeled as ‘NEW’. Other than the bay ‘NEW’ all other bay has a minimum storage volume is 30 CBM (Container Base Measurement). (CBM = Length * Breadth * Height * Total No. of Packages) 1. 2. About the topic Warehousing is an integral part of every logistics capability.

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The basic functions of warehouse are movement, storage, and information transfer. A major objective is to rovide an ideal product flow and acceptable level of service between the producer and the customer by designated locations with varying inventory levels based on local demand. An Export and Import warehouse provide transit storage facilities for goods awaiting onward movement facilities for break bulk, packaging, inspection, marking etc. Import warehouse also provide customs bonding facilities of deferred payment of duty.

Many function of this type of warehouse is storage of goods which the floor space is more important. As our Indian economy is booming which results in higher mobilization of goods will be higher with rest of the world.

Therefore there will be a higher inflow and outflow of goods. This high traffic of goods could be managed only by the efficient utilization of the floor space. 1. 3. Implication of the Study This project will help the company to know, how efficient the floor space of the warehouse is utilized.

This project will help the company to identify the reasons for the inefficient usage of floor space, if there is an inefficient usage of the floor space has been found.

This study also helps the company to know about the pattern of package inflow, stuffing and the usage of bays on weekdays. 1. 4. Scope of the study This study is carried out on St. J