The Second Space Race

In the modern time that we live in the general idea and interest in space exploration has indeed faded. Some may think that we know everything about our universe and everything beyond it. In fact we know just about nothing.

The universe is infinite with infinite possibilities. Of course we have come so far in the last fifty years by reaching the moon, making a home in space and learning so much about our universe. Galaxies never seen before are coming into our sight, planets with traces of previous life have been discovered along with countless studies of stars including our own. Who will be the first to venture out further and uncover new discoveries? The United States has always been ahead with space exploration but Russia and other countries also have successful space programs. We all know the space race as being the first to dip their toe into space, but who now will dive headfirst into a world of exploration uncovering truths of the universe never known before.

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Let’s start at the beginning. No not the big bang, a little closer. During the Cold War nuclear arms were a serious threat between super power countries: United States and the Soviet Union. Eventually that competition turned into the race to space. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration had been created along with a new space program, Mercury.

Only the finest pilots were chosen to be a part of this program. After countless applicants went through the training seven were chosen because they had “the right stuff.” We were all set to be first to space, but Russia got up and out the fastest. Not being the country with the first man in space, the space race came to an end for the United States. Well, that’s what the world thought, but the United States had their eyes set on a goal much bigger and better, the moon.

John F. Kennedy spoke to the American people and spoke for them at the same time. His famous words, “we will go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.” Almost everyone in the United States felt the same passion as all the engineers, astronauts and specialists at NASA giving them strength to go the distance. Seven years after John F.

Kennedy gave his ambitious moon speech we finally arrived. July 20, 1969 at 8:18UTC, Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the most famous men in America, and rightfully so. They had just completed the dream of millions. Of course this is an amazing feat but the burning question remained and opened the door to a new age of exploration.

Where to next? The universe we live in holds the greatest mysteries and wonders that man can dream of. Growing curiosity and wonder brought forth the new race, the second space race. This race doesn’t exactly have a finish line but there is a start. New technologies have been developed such as telescopes, deep space voyagers and unmanned rovers on other planets. Although landings on Jupiter and Saturn are not happening at the moment and to the public space exploration is not seen as exciting or important, great strides are being made in this field of science. The continuing knowledge being obtained enhances our understanding of the universe in which we can use these discoveries to improve our own world.

These enhancements help answer questions such as whether or not there is life on other planets, which there very well may be.Although we do not have the physical proof to show this, theoretically in our infinite universe there is other life out there. This is a complicated thought but if we break it down it makes sense. Why are we here? Were here because of all the favorable conditions of life fell into place. Our star is a great host as well as our planet.

With an infinite universe there very well may be a world with a star hospitable to a solar system alike our own. Now, this life may not be as far evolved as us or they could be millions ahead! Of course we are not able to know this now but as we continue to look skyward and strive for more there is no telling as to what the future holds and where the race will take us.