How To Tell A True High School Story Free Essay Example

A true high school story is very naive. They say that high school is supposed to be the best four years of our lives. I beg to differ.

In high school everyone has a label. To tell the truth labels aren’t necessary at all, they just exist.Well, what would you consider yourself? A jock? A burnout? A nerd? Or maybe a theater geek? The adolescence years don’t make much sense although, everyone has their own perception of how to survive them. All the complications that these years cause don’t actually matter in the real world. Life doesn’t revolve around parties or not having the cutest boyfriend.

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Unfortunately, those are the only things teenagers seem to desire.Everyone’s high school reputation disappears on graduation day. Once you wear the cap and gown and handed your diploma, you have a new opportunity to start all over.A true high school story isn’t always about getting accepted into Harvard, or how the cocky star quarterback took an innocent girl’s virginity. There’s so much more.

However, I can’t tell you how to survive high school, because I barely know how to myself. Everyone has their own stories and experiences. All I can say is high school is very difficult, but somehow we all get through it. I could guess a majority of kids my age haven’t dealt with many huge life-changing experiences, like I have.Most teenagers don’t know what it’s like losing a parent to a heart attack, or living with a family member with a mental illness. From what I’ve seen, many teenagers only worry about their grades and what their peers think about them.

Ask anyone.In fact, teenagers are very ignorant. Mainly because they don’t want to consider the responsibilities of the real world; probably the idea of it terrifies them.Labels are like mask that teenagers hide behind, justifying the illusion that they are careless about everything. But that’s just acting, right? We all need to think long and hard about the people living the reputations. Ask the jock, the burnout, the nerd, and the theater geek about their priorities.

Maybe I’m wrong to assume, that most teenagers only value their labels and reputations and not what’s important in the real world. I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself, from your own true high school story.