A Wonderful School

Have you ever heard of a school of love? If yes, which one? If not, I know one that only have your best interest at heart.

My favorite school is my high school in Omaha. This school is the most marvelous and loving school I’ve ever known. The students threat each other as sisters. They help each others, laugh together, and share the good and bad time as one body. The teachers are amazing.

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They are the best teachers one could ever ask for. They do everything for the happiness of their students. They behave as parents educating their own children. They are always full of energy, fun to have around, and ready to help at all time. I often wonder, how can one be happy at all time like they are? My acceptable answer to that question is that they are naturally born that way. I remember having a bad day because of my many homework that I wasn’t even in the mood to smile.

One of my friends notice my behavior and told me: “It’s ok to feel the way you are feeling right now, but it doesn’t mean you broke your arm, so give thanks to God and keep going. It will be all right.” I smiled and she smiled back; she gave me a hug and left. It touched me so deeply that I never forgot her words. I’m glad I am there.

I will never find a better school than the one I’m at.