School Uniforms Free Essay Example

School uniforms should be required in all schools! It can benefit students’ safety and help the school look more professional. Most schools have dealt with students wearing clothes that distract others from learning. A student would wear a certain brand that another student would or would not like and it lead to conversations.

Students would also wear something that is inappropriate like low-cut shirts or short shorts. Also, girls wear shirts that make them look unprofessional. Then there is the spaghetti shirt that shows girls bra straps which also looks horrible. A spaghetti shirt also gets the boys attention and then they start making rude comments about how she looks. This can also affect the safety of the female students. There are also the t-shirts that have sparkly designs on them or they say rude comments that might offend other students.

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Students also wear things that keep them from learning until the teacher finds out and taken it away. Also with uniforms it will keep the students focused on the teacher not what everyone else’s wearing. Gang violence today is very common in most metropolitan schools. There are certain gangs which require gang members to wear colors to be recognized. If schools allow their students to wear whatever colors they want then this allows gangs to get the attention they want which also can be harmful to innocent students. This is one way gang fights can start.

Gang violence is the only thing that is a big problem in school. Almost all gang members want attention when they are in class. Also gang members will yell out what ever they represent. This would create a big distraction because then other gang members would say what they represent and it will either start arguments or it will make them louder. Gang violence is recognized all over the country.

Whenever something serious happens, involving gangs, it is shown on the news. They talk about shootings and deaths that were gang related. Wearing uniforms would help teachers and other students recognize who belongs on campus and should not be in the school. If all the students wear uniforms then the school would have a less chance of having any Shootings and keep the students safe. When a school does not have uniforms then they would not know who is trespassing and who goes to the school.

When a school wears uniforms then it would come to someone’s attention if they see anyone not in dress code. If all students wore uniforms then no one would worry about anyone wearing something different and it would not be as great of a chance of someone having anything stolen. Kids wear things that others like and it gives the person a high risk of having it get taken. Theft happens all the time, but with uniforms it will not happen a lot because everyone will be wearing the same thing. It is the student’s choice if they want to wear accessories, but it will not be no one else’s fault for losing them or getting them stolen.

All schools should require their students to wear uniforms. They keep the students focused in class and not looking at how sparkly some one else’s shirt is or how tight someone else’s pants are. Uniforms will also keep the students safe from gang violence. They will also be easier to pick out ones clothes in the morning instead of trying to decide what to wear which will give the student enough time to do whatever else they need to do like unfinished homework or a girl’s hair and make-up. Uniforms will be easier for all the school staff to know who belongs on school campus and who is trespassing.

This will help the school avoid shootings.