A Word About Your Future

It’s okay to be unsure of the future. Why should you have to figure out your whole life before it’s even happened? Worrying about life after high school is normal. So many others are in your same situation. You don’t have to carry that fear alone. School turns the whole “planning your future” idea into a stressful mess.

All of a sudden, you have to squeeze your whole personality into a college major. For you, it’s not so easy. You are unique. Your life is not comprised of only one interest or passion. Planning your life doesn’t need to be such a demanding feat. Sure, the decisions you make now will impact your future, but they won’t permanently decide it.

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Change is always present. That’s what makes this life beautiful; nothing stays the same. Don’t let the fear of making a bad decision keep you from pursuing your dreams. You are going to make bad choices. That’s just part of living.

You will never be so far gone that you can’t come back from a mistake. So stand out. Take risks. So much of this life is all about labels, or fitting into categories. You were not made to fit in. No one can tell you that your choices are wrong, so go for it.

Be you. Your future is important, and only you can make it there.