A World of Lightning

Nikola Tesla was, many will agree, the greatest inventor the world has ever known. Until recently, most people were not aware of the accomplishments of Tesla, and instead saw his competitor Thomas Edison as an idol.

Contrary to that belief, Tesla was the more influential mind by far. By taking the difficult path in life and never backing down from a challenge, he worked his way to having no equal in this world. Starting with nothing, Tesla decided to pursue his passion, and became a giant in his own right. His first and primary work was sparked by an argument he was determined to win. Tesla wasn’t deterred when he was exploited and stolen from by his rival. He became so devoted to his work he never strayed from it for anything, and even began to lose his mind late in life as a result.

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Nikola Tesla was nothing short of a hero for what he did for the world through such fierce opposition. Tesla was not from the background that most would expect of such a figure. He grew up in Croatia, and seemed to be destined to become nothing more than a Serbian priest like his father. However, he made the decision to not take such an easy path in life, and became an electrical engineer. In convincing his father of his choice, he apparently said “I don’t love humans, I love humanity.

” He was not going into a field where he would be helping individuals, but rather one where he could benefit the whole world. He was a genius and an innovator, and encountered few troubles once he managed to get himself into school. However, his unbreakable will ensured he’d hit a few snags along the way, one of which was his disagreement with a professor who insisted Edison’s direct current (DC) was the only method of transporting an electrical signal. The main accomplishment attributed to Nikola Tesla is the alternating current (AC) power system, which carries electricity to all homes and businesses today. He was convinced of his theory that an alternator was unnecessary and that this system could be made, so he toiled for several years until he made his breakthrough.

Through trial, error, and years of devotion, Tesla was able to forever change the way the world worked. In the end, he developed a safer, easier, faster, more efficient, and more powerful method of keeping the world running. Among many other devotions, including harnessing Niagara Falls and building a tower that could provide the whole world with free electricity, this was Tesla’s crowning achievement. Of course, as was the case with many of Tesla’s accomplishments, this discovery was fought and stifled, mainly by his rival Edison. The so-called wizard of Menlo Park was known for his enviable standing in the world due to what he had achieved, and was already a prominent inventor by the time he met Tesla.

Despite Tesla beating Edison at his own game on every occasion (including inventing the light bulb, which Tesla did better) Edison managed to cling to his greatness through his already established power. At first, Tesla was a student of Edison, working by his side on several projects. That all changed when Edison denied Tesla millions of dollars in compensation for the work, claiming he had been joking when the payment was promised beforehand. Tesla was so upset and insulted by this that he left the wing of this “wizard” and tried to forge a path on his own. While Edison still did his best to deter Tesla at every turn—at one point going so far as to publicly electrocute dogs to their deaths with AC power—Tesla managed to succeed in changing the world, even if he was never rewarded for all the good he had done.

Through lies, deception, thievery, and animosity, Tesla never gave up on his work. Despite Tesla’s perseverance, some of his goals were never reached. Power does not freely and wirelessly charge all electronics today, so clearly Tesla’s most sought-after dream of completing his Wardenclyffe tower was never attained. After a life of such hardship, solitude, and poverty, Tesla began to change in his later years. He developed a strong connection with the pigeons outside his apartment, claimed to see things that were not actually happening, and frankly went a bit insane. He never gave up on his work, but the memory of Tesla has faded with time.

Recently, however, people have picked up a new interest in the great inventor. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds, Tesla has finally received the recognition he deserves as one of the greatest men of recorded history. His struggle was bitter and dragged on throughout his entire life, but he never faltered, and this is what made him so fantastic. His story has inspired many others to continue to better this world, and it will likely be a very long time before humanity forgets the life and times of Nikola Tesla.