A Worrisome Audition

My heart was pounding, my face covered in sweat. I got up onto the stage and waited for my name to be called. Upon hearing my name I walked into the spotlight. “What is your name?” the director, Mrs. Kole, called out. My name is James Sheehan.

I will be auditioning for the role of the Guard/Uncle Henry. After I finished speaking, I stood up straight as an arrow and began singing. The song I was singing was “Rose’s Turn” by Bernadette Peters, and since it was my first time ever auditioning for a show I was super nervous. I had been practicing for a while, so i sang the song perfectly and nailed my audition. After I finished singing I thanked Mrs. Kole and I headed backstage.

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When I arrived backstage, I got to see all of the people I was competing against. This was the first production I was involved in, so I didn’t have any previous experience. I sat in the cafe and talked to some of my friends, and I awaited to find out if the got the part. As I was waiting, I played some theater games with my friends. As we were in the middle of playing an improvisational game, Mrs.

Kole walked in. She announced that tomorrow morning the cast list would be posted on her door. We all left and I excitedly awaited tomorrow morning. The big day had finally arrived! I rushed to get to the bus as soon as I could, and when I arrived at the middle school I rushed to Mrs. Kole’s room. I sprinted to the door, and there it was… The cast list! I scanned down the paper until I found my name, and I had gotten the part! I was so excited I rushed to tell all my friends.

The first rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz was later that day, and I daydreamed about it throughout all of my classes. When rehearsals finally arrived I was so excited I sprinted down the hallway to the auditorium.I talked to Mrs. Kole, and then I settled down and waited for the scene blocking to start. As I was sitting there i thought about how much fun I had already had, and how we haven’t even started rehearsals! I knew that this production of The Wizard of Oz was going to be amazing.