Add/Adhd Disordors

ADD/ADHD Disorders If you are a teen or a pre-teen and find yourself not focusing, then you might have what is called ADD or ADHD. One day your teacher is standing in front of the room talking about the multi-steps of an algebraic equation. You think about how you are going to play in the game tonight, or what your friends are going to do this weekend, or even, if you going to get the car tonight to go out with your friends.

If your mind wanders like this, you may possibly have a disorder called Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)(“Association of Attention-Deficit Disorder and the Dopamine Transporter Gene”). These two medical disorders are interconnected in the medical field, which raises many questions on what is going on within your body. Is a person diagnosed with these disorders when they are born, what are the treatments for these disorders, and how do you overcome and live with it? Scientist have answered many questions related to ADD/ADHD (“Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) | Psych Central”). When we are born, we are full of many possibilities, as well as many different genetic materials. Birth by itself is genetic process but Scientists have discovered that children with ADD/ADHD may get this disorder from their parents. It only takes one parent to have the gene.

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Boys are diagnosed two to three times more often than girls. Boys are often treated for ADHD while girls many times exhibit ADD symptoms primarily. Two ways of treating and providing help for ADD/ADHD are medication and psychotherapy. Teens can have great differences on how they react to their medication, but finding the right combination can be challenging. It all depends what works best for person.

Medication and counseling can be beneficial for hyperactivity which will help you to focus, continue to work, and learn. Psychotherapy commonly known as cognitive-behavioral therapy for ADHD is where the child is helped by talking about upsetting thoughts, emotions orbehavior. This is done in a way that allows them to learn to handle their emotions, to feel better about themselves and to cope with daily problems. Overcoming ADD/ADHD and living with the disorder is being done everyday. People living with ADD/ADHD are able to live normal and successful lives. There are several actions you can use to empower yourself, and to help treat and manage your symptoms.

Taking an omega-3 supplement, exercising regularly, managing sleep patterns, and a clean diet may help improve ADHD and other conditions. Dr. Kelda Walsh of IU Medical Hospital said that “Taking 360 mg of omega-3 at least twice a day can improve concentration.” Exercising 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week, eating lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables can also help reduce ADHD symptoms. In conclusion, please remember this fact; being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD is not your fault at all or your parents fault.

It’s just something you’re born with. Lots of people have this disorder and you’re not alone. To find help with this disorder, talk to your doctor about getting on medication and therapy. Even if you have ADD/ADHD it’s not the end of the world you can still achieve and have a successful life. “Association of Attention-Deficit Disorder and the Dopamine Transporter Gene.

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