ADHD probolmes

“”You can’t change who you are, and you shouldn’t be asked to,” stated Jonathan Mooney.

(“Website”) More than 3 million people a year are diagnosed with ADHD, [Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder](“Website”). A magority of people think of others with ADHD as weird or odd, but we are no different than you.One famous man who talkes a lot and also talkes about ADHD is Jonathan Mooney, as you can see one of his famous quotes on ADHD. Jonathan Mooney, a motivational speaker,explores the effects of ADHD and teaches people to manage this disorder. A man that’s really helped inspire hope in me is none other than Jonathan Mooney. One quote I really like best is, ” You can’t change who you are, and you shouldn’t be asked to.

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” Jonathan mooney is a dyslexic writer, he did not learn to read till the age of 12 years old, and he graduated in Brown University.He is the founder and president of project “Eye-To-Eye”(“Website”) to help kids with learning difficulties. This man has not only given me some hope that I’m not some weird kid. He has also taught me to never let anyone judge you on who you are and what you do or act. Most people in the world have a lot of ADHD effects. Some of these effects include the following; aggressiveness, hyperactivity, lack of restraint, and repeating words or actions.

Most moods when you have ADHD is anger, boredom, excitement, anxiety, or mood swings. The most common effects of ADHD are being rude, constantly moving.With these effects everyday, there will always be new cure to problems like this .We can at least be able to manage it while doctors are finding a cure.There are simple ways to manage your life with ADHD.

One way is to create a quiet place for the person to keep calm and relaxe.Another way to mange, is for the person to do their best to be neat and organized.Organization helps the person improve their ability to concentrate.Lastly, it’s wise to follow a routine.A routine helps to keep things on track so the person is better able to concentrate.It’s important to set a time and place for everything to help a child with ADHD, this helps them understand how to meet your expectations.

In conclusion, there are a lot of people who suffer with ADHD everyday.everything that we have discussed is about Jonathan Mooney and how he has discussed on how to manage ADHD, the effects of ADHD, and also how to manage with ADHD. It is my hope that you have learned and discover new possibilities to help people with ADHD!