ADHD ADHD has many effects on people throughout life. We all have different ranges of how badit is. Some kids and adults ask do you need medicine? Does it affect my school life? And will people treat me different? Like myself I take one type of medicine Focalin Xr.

It makes me able to sit down in my seat and pay attention. ADHD is a hereditary disorder. Like myself I have no idea where it came from only me and my brother have it. ADHD itself stands for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Do you need medicine? If you get diagnosed with ADHD you may have to take meds.” For some people ADHD may get worse on medicine when you skip a day”.

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( Different kids and adults need stronger doses of their medicines. You may get less milligrams of medicine but get about 10 different pills. It takes about 1 month to get a single tablet of medicine to get you use to the medicine. Some medicines may have bad side effects like not wanting to eat till 8:00 at night.

The meds will and can suppress your appetite. I myself think ADHD can be cured without medicine. When people don’t take their meds they act way crazier than they ever were before the meds. Adhd in school When you have ADHD in school you get treated like you’re dumb. It may be fun and all having teachers tell you everything to do constantly. “You will get accommodations such as a 504 and an iep”.

( You should be able to get help on half way complete homework assignments. I have yet to see that help but that’s because the teachers don’t care about it they know I don’t need it. If you have very hard homework you could get help easily. Left out If you have ADHD it can be hard to make friends and get along with people.

Some meds will make you feel like you have no energy. When somebody or a lot of people are laughing at something you may not find it funny because of the anti-depressants in the meds. I don’t feel left out but my brother would always be. “He wouldn’t get invited to birthday parties because he didn’t have any friends that wanted to invite him”. ( He would be to hyper and would not calm down. Adhd in a nutshell In conclusion ADHD is not that bad. You can in fact be left out. The medicine part of it can make it worse because of not taking it or taking too much.I live with it daily I get up take my medicine and get ready.

It can be very depressing if you have worse ADHD than me you couldn’t make friends or you would be able to. My ADHD is slim to none but I really don’t like taking medicine. How ADHD can be your best friend or your worst.