Albanian Government

Many issues with the Albanian government reflect directly on the people, considering they are the representatives of the country.

Therefore, negative opinions on the government are taken into consideration for Albanians omit. The government of Albania has many issues, one of them being that opposing parties always decide on opposing ideas and instead of focusing on what’s good for the people, they focus on what the administrative party is doing wrong, and vise versa. According to the Albanian Newsroom, the new established government luckily, doesn’t spend money pointlessly for “broadcast government advertising, nor to pay lobbyists asking them to spread throughout the world the mud of slander of the prime minister against the opposition” meaning that something is changing, but maybe just not fast enough. The elected officials of the Albanian parliament feed the people lies, stating that they are going to change, everything possible, to the benefit of the people, but in the end all remains as it was before the administrative party took charge, doing this secures a seat in the House of Congress. Furthermore, many people state that the reforms and ideas that the electives give during the election are promising but most of them don’t play out, meaning they aren’t enforced. To excuse themselves the deputies state that our Republic is unable to financially support and fund these investments, which leads to the question: where do our taxes go? The answer is simple, taxes go to funding unnecessary changes in many systems, one being the educational aspect.

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In 2013 the party in charge changed many of the school’s heating system from gas to pellets, or compressed sawdust, but the machinery was never put into action, seeing as these pellets caused too much smoke that consumed the schools, which cost millions of leke, the Albanian currency, that all came from taxpayers. Today, in 2016, more money will be spent on removing the existing machinery and replacing it with the ones that existed in 2012. If unneccessary investments weren’t made, there would be enough money for these reforms as well as a raise for the people working in country-provided jobs. It’s hard to make an overall judgement on whether the Albanian government is functioning the way that a true democracy should, considering the Albanian people state that they “have never had coalitions between the opposing parties”, according to many news stations broadcasted in the country. As we continue watching the political campaigns however this statement becomes fact rather than opinion. Even though more reforms are being created the people haven’t seen much change in their country, there may be many reasons as to why.

The community being governed chooses political parties based on the party and not the people who will be in charged, being moved by their hatred towards republicans, or democrats, rather than choosing wisely on who will be the best option. The parliament is a huge mess, many times fights break out which have resulted in physical wounds, and often racial slurs are shouted to and fro between the opposition and the party in charge. It’s amusing to watch but this child-like behaviour is inappropriate for government officials. We can say that there are many problems but few solutions, corruption being another big issue that seems to have no resolve, and no matter how the politicians try to get rid of the problem, it will never be eliminated without taking the corrupted away from important posts. According to Ora News even corrupted officials caught in the act are not jailed, but rather all charges are dropped, which leads us to believing that the government has a corrupted judicial system as well as the parliamentary one.

Reforms are being made in the Albanian government such as in the parliamentary and judicial system but not fast enough. The efforts being put into these changes have giant hurdles to overcome, such as corrupted officials that won’t be taken off their posts. The sad reality is that the Albanian people want change, but they are loyal to the political parties rather than those who direct them, leading them to vote for the party that may have less to offer. Even if the party with the greatest chance to offer Albania with a greater future is voted, some unnecessary changes will be made, using the taxes of the Albanian people, whose wages will be reduced and not raised, which will lead to battles between the opposition and the administrative party. To conclude Albanian government has great ideals but few way to carry them out.