Alibaba Case Study

Alabama case study This type of trade enhances internal management process and electronic publishing of internal business.

The value of this type of trade is that it is focused on the customers and provides products that meet the need of the clients. It also helps the people who import products to acquire products that are of high quality at lower costs (Madam, 2003). The benefit of using this type of website to conduct trade is that gift packaging materials are offered and that one can be allowed to send cards that re personalized and one is also allowed to choose a wrapping paper.

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The draw back of this type of trade is that it is costly and that resources that are substantial are required so that one can be able to sell products online. Companies can also develop competitive strategy such as differentiation using this type of websites.

It also helps cut costs of promotions and marketing and that a company can be recognized globally. There is lack of growth while using these sites to conduct trade because some sectors such as those selling food cannot benefit because these products are erasable.

Consumers also don’t look for products such as food on the internet (Lyre, It is reasonable to speculate that eventually most trade Seems might take place in the sites like Alabama. Com because the Seems have experienced benefits in the use of these sites such as reduced costs of carrying out transactions and allows businesses to adjust to trade and market opportunities through sales increase. It also improves the distribution process and customer service (Abide, Ihram & Chippers, n.


The many that wants to carry out this type of trade should look at the return policy for the money-back and that there are secure Sockets Layer technology that sends encrypted information through the internet. One should therefore not worry about fraud because one can check out the available shopping sites by installing security options and that one can view the policy of the site before shopping. During global financial crisis, sites like Alabama face problems of low customers though the advantage is that they sell through wholesale (Robber, 2011)