ALS Case Study

Hamburg’s actions we most definitely appropriate. He didn’t do the things he did to receive recognition but in order to accomplish the mission and help his unit receive an outstanding rating during the OR’. D: There is nothing that IAC Hamburg should have done differently. P: If IAC Hamburg keeps it up, he will receive recognition whether he wants it or not because someone is Introit a doubt critiquing his performance.

Lines 28 thru 32: PAPA Emergent Leadership Issues Synopsis: Most Barras recently returned to work after a Steen of Emergency Leave.

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I: Most Barras utilizes a stress management technique in her day to day; she has established a routine and it helps her manage the stress of being the IONIC of the Munitions Accountability Section. D: Appropriate. Most Barras utilizes time management by establishing a routine and keeping to it. She also implores relaxation quenches by adhering to her quiet morning routine.

D: Nothing Most Barras needs to do differently other than perhaps shutting and locking her office door as she goes about her quiet morning routine.

P: Whatever it is that Most Barras does to manage the stress to being IONIC and as a S SAFE, it works and it NAS worked has gotten her to a high level of responsibility and if she continues practicing effective time management there is no reason she cannot continue climbing the ranks within her organization and the OAF. Lines 40 thru 64: PAPA Airman’s Synopsis: A conversation between SST Bartlett (superior) and Sara Ratter boarding) discussing the finer points PA and DIR. Identify: This is another example of Airman’s (PA/DIR).

SST Bartlett recognizes that Sara Ratter lacks a real direction so elects to give him one by volunteering him for the base honor guard. Sara Ratter also lacks, to a certain degree, a level of professionalism that seems to hamper his effectiveness in the workplace.

Differentiate: SST Bartlett got it right! His actions are effective and will most likely have a positive impact on his subordinate. He has used progressive discipline in the past (use of Locos) to reach his subordinate UT is now taking a different approach to making an impact on Sara Ratter.

He has recognized Sara Ratter’s level of professionalism and has decided to assist in bringing t up (DIR). Determine: SST Bartlett does not need to modify his approach in this instance. He is attempting to give Sara Ratter a direction by placing him in a position Inhere he must fly or fall. Predict: As begrudgingly as he accepted the position, Sara Ratter will most likely rise to the occasion because it will be his Job for the next six months to be the most visible professional as a member of the base honor guard.

Line 60 thru 62: ASSAI Standards and Discipline ‘What if I refuse to go? Leaning toward Ratter, Bartlett replies, “I’m not asking you Ratter. Therefore, if you refuse, you will leave me no choice but to issue you a letter of reprimand for failing to follow my order. ” I: This Statement is an example of an NCO setting standards for his airman as well as reinforcing that Ratter has to comply because he is an NCO D: This action is ineffective D: Its ineffective because he is forcing him to with a threat of disciple rather than Just making him understand why he has to do it P: Ratter is going to have no motivation o do what Bartlett wants him to do.

Ratter will probably be mad and not give honor guard his full potential. Lines 46 thru 50: ASSAI Standards and Discipline ‘We discussed my promotion during your initial feedback Ratter so you had better Change your attitude before I have to.

” After a moment of awkward silence Bartlett asks, do you know why I needed to see you this morning? ” “Let me guess, you’re issuing me another letter of counseling (LOC) for being late again? ” I: This is an example of standards and discipline due to Ratter not meeting the standards.

D: This statement is inappropriate D: Ratter is taking this statement in Joking matter and showing that he doesn’t care much about the standards P: If he doesn’t care much about the standards then he Nil not make a good NCO if he even makes it that far Line 71-72 thru 76-77: PAPA Emergent Leadership Issues Synopsis: Tater Sara Henna was notified to his upcoming deployment, his supervisor is informed that he will ensure that Sara Handsaw has his affairs in order before the deployment.

Identify: Stress Management – Tags Fender will understand the burden deployment places on a family and will make attempts to minimize the effect of tress the deployment might have on the family through base support agencies. Differentiate: Most Green makes the initial comment to Tags Green stating that “you better make sure he gets his things in order to include that wife of his. ” Sara Handsaw Nil need to have his affairs in order and most likely have a family care plan outlined before deployment and it is up to Tags Fender to make sure his troop has it done.

Most Green’s actions are effective.

Determine: Most Green tasked Tags Fender in making sure Sara Handsaw completes all necessary tasks before deploying in order to minimize the stress on her during the 6 month stretch. Most Green did the right thing. Predict: Most Green makes it clear to Tags Fender that deployments are serious business and it is important to have things squared away before departing especially f the member has a family. Tags Fender will most likely take this to heart and apply it in the future.

Lines 81-92: SASS Resource Stewardship – In accordance to the lesson plan resource stewardship SST Fender is trying to use MM funds to pay for shirts. D – His actions we inappropriate because is misusing O M funds to pay for items that are unrelated to Operations.

His actions were affective cause he was able to purchase the items, the MM can be used for prizes for awards but not as general give away. P – I predict that the budget will suffer because of the lack of MM fund that is unjustified and inappropriate used of funds.

Line 108 thru 124: SASS Performance Evaluations IDENTIFY: SST Daemon is getting his feedback by his supervisor Most Barras, I would say he is getting his mid-term feedback from his original initial feedback not too long ago. DIFFERENTIATE: I don’t think Most Barras did anything wrong in this section so there isn’t anything to be done here. DETERMINE: Going by this process since I didn’t e anything that was inappropriate in the last section I will go ahead and skip this one as well.

PREDICT: In this section I believe that SST Daemon will put in his paperwork to retrain and that his supervisor will approve an aid him in seeking something new that he is searching for. Lines 127 thru 135: PAPA Emergent Synopsis: Sara Breed makes advances towards AH C Hale at the Unit’s “Ammo Call” Inch makes IAC Hale visibly uncomfortable. Identify: This is an Emergent Leadership issue. Sexual Harassment is the issue here with Sara Breed and IAC Hale. Differentiate: Sara Breed is making unwanted inappropriate advances toward IAC Hale. Determine: This one is pretty straight forward.

Sara Breed should not have been making advances towards AH C Hale especially after she became uncomfortable. IAC Hale made the appropriate move and removed herself from the situation effectively ending the incident. Predict: If Sara Breed continues his unacceptable behavior, he could Jeopardize his career. If he continues sexually harassing his female coworkers it could potentially even lead to sexual assault. IAC Hale needs to up-channel how Sara Breed made her uncomfortable and stop his unacceptable behavior before it progresses to anything more serious.

Lines 137 thru 142: PAPA Emergent Leadership Issues Synopsis: S Daemon notices that IAC Hale doesn’t seem like herself and presses. Identify: This is an emergent leadership issue. SST Daemon is displaying Human Relations skills by noticing that a subordinate isn’t acting normally, noticing that she IS visibly shaken and has been affected by something. He takes the initial step of asking if she is okay and even after she states that she is “fine”; knowing that there is something wrong, he presses the issue and effectively draws it out and she request time to talk. Differentiate: Appropriate.

SST Daemon notices AH C Hale isn’t acting normal and asks if she’s okay and is adamant about taking care of the issue.

Determine: Straight forward. SST Daemon did the right thing and has effectively established a trusting relationship with IAC Hale and will be able to assist Airman Hale with the issue. He has expressed genuine concern for his people and for a very important issue, sexual harassment prevention. Predict: SST Daemon will establish credibility within his organization through the “genuine concern” for his people and Ninth that will encourage a work environment free from discrimination/harassment.

IAC Hale will also benefit from SST Damson’s effective use of human relations by having a trusted leader she can talk to about important issues.

STORYLINE 2: Hadley FAA Honor Guard PAPA CUSTOMS AND COURTESIES LINE 144: “Great, I’m late for my first day at the honor guard,” Sara Ratter l: Sara Ratter’s comment violates Air Force customs because he lacks discipline to wake up on time. D: Being late is inappropriate because it’s dereliction of duties. D: Sara Ratter should have set more alarms to ensure waking up on time. P: This ensures there will not be tardiness again.

LINE 150: “This is such a waste of time. Sara Ratter I: Sara Ratter’s comment about the inspection was disrespectful to Most Owen, who Nas conducting the inspection.

It goes against Air Force courtesies. D: The comment Nas inappropriate and ineffective because it was unnecessary and didn’t produce any different result in regards to actually being inspected. D: Sara Ratter should have had more respect and etiquette for the formation itself and Most conducting it. P: Sara Ratter will look more professional and be seen as someone who should be given more responsibility.

LINE 152-153: “Judging by your punctuality, that shave, and the appearance of your uniform.

.. ” Most Owens to Sara Ratter l: Most Owens is longstanding a good example to the importance to Air Force Dress and Appearance. D: The comment was appropriate because he is pointing out Sara Ratter’s shortcomings and disregard for said regulations. D: P: Sara Ratter will be conscientious about his appearance and increase his attention to detail as to not have another appearance infraction.

LINE 162-163: “Man, Vive done over a hundred funerals at this cemetery and they’re all the same dog and pony show. IAC Shaw offending Sara Fry (great grandfather’s funeral) l: AH C Shaw moment was an Air Force courtesies violation. It wasn’t courteous, dishonored his place in Honor Guard, and offended Sara Fry in regards to his deceased great grandfather. D: The comment was inappropriate because it offends and disrespects people and the Honor Guard position. D: AH C Shaw needs to have more due regard for surroundings and an appreciation of being a member of the Honor Guard instead of complaining about it. P: AH C Shaw will become an effective and pleasant member of Honor Guard.

LINE 183-190: “Look at this one.

Apparently, this father believes his son deserves a military honors funeral. Reading the request Reed says, “Sounds good to me. Are we too busy that day? ” “We will be,” Owens says bitterly. “l believe [o should consider yourself an American first if you expect to receive American military honors. ” “Sir it says here he was a ћdedicated Airman” Reed tries to explain as Owens interrupts him.

“Well it’s obvious he’s more proud of being a Muslim. ” Owens protests. “That request says nothing about him being an American. My father always said ћno matter what religion, we should all be proud to be Americans, so as far as Mr..

AH-Sharing is concerned, we are unable to support him. Most Owens says to SST Reed as Reed stands up for ceremony purposes l: Most Owen is misrepresenting the Air Force Drill and Ceremonies by misrepresenting the righteousness of Drill and Ceremonies. D: Most Owen is inappropriate because he is showing horrible religious prejudices. Thus, he’s applying his own prejudices and opinions, making the values and honor that form Air Force Drill and Ceremonies appear as his lack of morals instead. D: Most Owen should keep his personal feelings about serious regulations to himself.

His personal thoughts have nothing to do with he Air Force and must not distort the Air Force by trying to skew the fine line of right and wrong. P: Most Owen will be respected by his peers and subordinates. Also, he’ll be seen as someone that can be approachable or reference-able for Honor Guard requests in the future. LINE 201-203: “He lacks discipline and I need competent and reliable Senior Airman. He must realize the importance of drill.

It’s part of our heritage. ” Most Owens says to SST Reed l: Most Owens was right to say this because Sara Ratter does lack discipline and must be held accountable in accordance with Air Force customs.

D: Appropriate. P: Sara Ratter will prove his diligence and order after proving himself with this new role in Honor Guard. LINE 245-246: muff computer geeks are all alike..

. You get on one ceremony and you think you’re the expert. ” AH C Potter says to Man William about the staging l: IAC Potter is degrading and labeling Man William in derogatory statements, Inch go against Air Force courtesies. D: The statements were inappropriate because it’s stereotyping and cutting fellow airmen down. D: IAC Potter shouldn’t make bullying and degrading comments against other people.

P: IAC Potter will be respect De and bedridden more.

PAPA ETHICAL LEADERSHIP LINE 162-163: “Man, Vive done over a hundred funerals at this cemetery and they’re all the same dog and pony show. “-AH C Shaw l: Service before self D: Professional duties must take precedence over our personal desires. D: He needs to put performing well at the funeral before his own personal beliefs because it is important to the family they are performing for and it reflects the Air Force. P: If he does this it will show that the Air Force supports the family of the deceased.

LINE 171-172: “If SST Raffia would have told us this was for Fry’s great grandpa, I Mullion have said what I said.

– IAC Shaw I: Integrity D: IAC Shaw didn’t do what was expected of him he is trying to blame his mistake on somebody else. D: He needs to take it upon himself to do what is right not have to be told what is right and wrong. P: If he would have done what was right he wouldn’t have offended anybody with his comments. LINE 175-177: “The privilege is all ours ma’am. It’s our unit’s goal to provide the best military honors for veterans past and present with precision, professionalism, and pride. – SST Raffia l: Excellence in all Nee do D: He did exactly what was asked of him to his best abilities.

D: P: He has produced a positive Air Force image and made the family of the deceased man happy. LINE 183-184: “Look at this one. Apparently, this father believes his son deserves a military honors funeral. ” Most Owens l: All of the Core Values D: He cannot decide which airman gets military honors based on his personal beliefs he is failing the Air Force in all of the Core Values by placing his opinions above the mission. He is making the Air Force look bad by Judging people on their religious beliefs.

D: He needs to do his duties as honor guard because that is what the Air Force tasked him to do he is not in a place to decide solely on his personal views. P: If he does this he will have a huge impact on the family of the deceased man and promote a positive Air Force image. LINE 191-192: “Sir we Just can’t deny him a proper funeral because you disapprove of his religion” – SST Reed l: All of the Core Values D: He is standing up to the Most because it is the right thing to do. He has integrity because he knows that his Job is to provide Airman with a proper funeral and he is trying to do that.

D: P: If he gets the Most to change his mind he will have a huge impact on the Air Force ND prevent a possible negative image. LINE 174-179: “After the ceremony, Fry’s grandmother approaches SST Raffia and says, “Thank you Sergeant for that wonderful performance.

” Raffia replies, “The privilege is all ours ma’am. It’s our unit’s goal to provide the best military honors for ‘iterant past and present with precision, professionalism, and pride. ” “Well we appreciate it,” she says as she hands him an envelope. “On your way home, please use this money to treat your Airmen to a nice dinner. Miss ma’am, I sure will,” Raffia promises.

L: SST Raffia appears to be the ranking individual of this detail. He represents/manages the team/group. He also affirms Fry’s grandmother that on their Nay home he’d treat the team to a nice dinner, therefore rewarding them for their performance. D: Appropriate P: If SST Raffia continues to reward the team for their performances it’ll encourage them to want to perform to the best of their abilities. It’ll keep their moral in tacked.

It’s show an overall appreciation of his group. SASS DIVERSITY LINE 182-193: “l don’t think so,” Owens murmurs as SST Reed enters the office.

Tossing the request across his desk Owens says, “Look at this one. Apparently, this ether believes his son deserves a military honors funeral. ” Reading the request Reed says, “Sounds good to me.

Are we too busy that day? ” “We will be,” Owens says bitterly. “l believe you should consider yourself an American first if you expect to receive American military honors. ” “Sir it says here he was a ћdedicated Airman” Reed tries to explain as Owens interrupts him. “Well it’s obvious he’s more proud of being a Muslim. ” Owens protests.

“That request says nothing about him being an American.

My father always said ћno matter what religion, we should all be proud to e Americans” so as far as Mr.. AH-Sharing is concerned, we are unable to support him. ” “Sir we Just can’t deny him a proper funeral because you disapprove of his religion,” Reed exclaims. “Relax staff sergeant,” Owens says walking to the window.

“I’ll forward his request to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars. They’ll take care of him. ” l: Most Owens prejudice against Muslims is hindering the team from giving an airman the proper military honors he deserves. D: Inappropriate – Most Owens is being discriminatory towards an airman due to his religion.

The Air Force has zero tolerance for such behavior. It is unethical and reflects poorly as well as discredits the Air Force and himself.

D: Most Owens should not express his personal biases against anyone for their beliefs. He should understand the Air Force is comprised of different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, religions, etc. P: If Most Owens continues this behavior he’ll risk exposure of his unethical and discriminatory behavior. Anyone on his team can report him. He could possibly endure disciplinary actions or removed from his position. SASS Leader Interline LINE 151-156: “How are you doing today Senior Airman Ratter?.

.. (Owens asks questions) l: Most Owens begins the diagnosing process by coming to Ratter with a calm attitude and asks how he is and if there is anything he wishes to share. D: Appropriate/Effective P: Approaching issues with a composed attitude will ultimately help Owens get better responses out of people as they will not become defensive and will be more receptive to feedback LINE 159-160: “I want a good performance and so does this family, so let’s get moving,” (Raman) l: SST Raffia is displaying position power by setting the standards for the level of proficiency that he expects from the team.

D: Appropriate/Effective P: Setting the standards will ensure everyone on the team knows what is expected of them and should help SST Raffia achieve the excellent performance he wants from the team. LINE 170-173: Disgruntled, Shaw says, “If SST Raffia would have told us this was for Fry’s great grandpa; I wouldn’t have said what I said.

As the IONIC of the ceremony, he must have known who this ceremony was for, right? ” Davis replies. “Maybe he didn’t say anything out of respect for Fry’s privacy. ” l: Shaw is not displaying the fellowship trait of loyalty (obedience) to SST Raman.

D: Ineffective D: Shaw should not be questioning why he is doing another detail. He signed up to be a part of honor guard and he should Just do what is asked of him for the funeral detail. P: If Shaw can begin to practice effective loyalty to the IONIC, he will not run the risk of becoming complacent in his honor guard duties and will minimize the risk of any further inappropriate actions in front of the wrong person.

LINE 182-193: “l don’t think so,” Owens murmurs… They’ll take care of him. ” l: Most Owens is failing miserably at displaying the leadership trait of selflessness.

D: Ineffective

D: As a leader, Most Owens should have displayed selflessness by putting his personal beliefs aside and assigning a detail to the funeral. He cannot be an effective leader by picking and choosing who receives honors based on his personal beliefs. P: Failing to display selflessness may hinder his team’s attitudes towards their mission. If Most Owens can put his personal feelings aside and show respect for all requests, his team may pick up on that and have a more positive attitude and greater respect for what they are doing. LINE 196-199: “Has Sara Ratter returned with a fresh uniform and shave yet? ” Most Owens asks..


Have him work on marching manuals and keep an eye on him. ” l: Most Owens again displays position power here by checking in on his subordinate and following up on whether or not his subordinate accomplished what was asked of them. He also identifies a week point and prescribes a solution to improve on the issue. D’ Appropriate/Detect P: Following up on instructions given to subordinates will ensure the team continues to look sharp and be successful in their duties. LINE 194-195: Although he disagreed, SST Reed remains loyal to Most Owens and hesitantly asks, “May I at least volunteer as the bugler for this detail? ” l: Here SST

Reed displays the fellowship trait of loyalty (faithfulness) by remaining loyal to his superiors decision to not do the funeral, even though he disagrees with that decision.

D: Appropriate/Effective P: SST Reed understands the importance of adhering to the decisions of those appointed over him. Continuing to be faithful to his leaders will support and enhance the effectiveness of leaders. LINE 250-254: SST Apparel stands back and monitors the interaction. “Well,” Milliamp begins, “we could present the Colors in front of the table of honor where the rifle guards will remain as the flag bearers post the flags on the stage.

Glaring at Milliamp, Potter says, “We can’t do that! We’ve never done that. ” “Well we are doing it that way tonight Apparel confirms.

Good Job Williams! ” l: SST Apparel displays good leadership through decisiveness by stepping back and allowing his subordinates to display competence in working out a situation and resolve conflict and then making the decision to go with the idea of Man Williams. D: Appropriate/ Effective P: Allowing his subordinates to come up with ideas and solve problems will help to come up with new ideas and promote others to expand on leadership abilities.