Altoids Case Study

Seattle should have been included in the marketing campaign because of the following reason: 1. There would be a uniformity in the marketing campaigns and a clear picture of the brand positioning. The company would not have to waste budget, energy and time creating, distributing and monitoring two marketing campaigns. 2. Row different campaigns will confuse the customers and will send a mixed message and the response may be negative for customers who have seen both the advertisements targeted for Seattle and rest of USA.

Consistency is the key to establishing brand recognition and to developing loyalty among the consumer base.

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. The Seattle people have a very strong brand association with alkaloids and are less likely to change their consuming habits. Three appeals which differentiates the baby boomers with the sass are: 1. Taste: baby boomers had a strong affinity towards strong mint taste whereas generation-Y prefer a wide variety of flavors. Alkaloids have made a significant effort to launch new flavors especially for people who are non-mint users to convert them into entry level users. .

The appearance of the brand which was a distinct red and white during sass has changed to multistoried packaging in sass. 3. The target customers Newer more lifestyle centric in sass whereas in sass the customers are ready to try out new experiences. Cryptographic based promotional strategy would work over benefits based strategy s cryptographic based strategies is more flexible and targets a larger customer’s base that bear similar lifestyle, attitude, opinion and interest.

Pros: Cryptographic segmentation gives a much better insight and understanding of the consumer, which leads to the identification of underlying needs that creates more valid and responsive segments and subsequent marketing programs. Cons: This approach by alkaloids will requires the detailed data/research on the consumer and there are also some concerns regarding data and interpretation.