American Idol Case

Relate different phrases of the research design to specify aspects of marketing research problems. They need to make a qualitative research; they can improve a decision to contract a research company to obtain the data collection, with the information they can design a framework for conduct the study (how they are going to keep the analysis). They determine possible answers to the research questions (what spectator says), this study need to test the hypothesis (American Idol Case), to provide the information needed for the conclusion (share with professionals that’s marketing research is a good idea).

The design should guide the consideration, including the benefits and cost of this study.

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5. What kind of secondary and syndicated data would be helpful in addressing the questions raised by Marcello and Lizenberger? What is the role-played by such data? They should recollect the data by Internet survey, I think is a good idea to buy the database of people that voted in the last American Idol, and send to all people the questions that make an evaluation of the field force for help to complete the objective.