Archimedes was a go-getter.He loved solving problems.This was the reason Archimedes was led to solve the mystery of the measurement of a circle.

In order to solve his math problems, Archimedes devised a new number system.He believed that the current Greek number system was insufficient to his criteria.Archimedes’s number system used a much larger scale of numbers than the Greek system had. With these bigger numbers, Archimedes solved his math problems.These problems were a type of math referred to as “integral calculus.

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” Archimedes observed the world around him.By opening up to his surroundings, he was able to create a question.These questions he pondered upon solving, and eventually found the solution to them.For example, he had been studying shapes.Along the way, he questioned how to measure the area of a circle.

Archimedes then worked toward an answer to this.This was the Archimedes method! Archimedes was able to get very close to finding the area of a circle.He proposed his strategy would almost find the area of a circle.Using his method, a person would be able to achieve a solution that was VERY close.His method begins by drawing a circle.Then drawing a polygon.

(in this case an octagon was used)Next, protruding from the center point of the circle, a straight line was sketched.Then Archimedes drew a line from the center going to the adjacent vertexes of the previous line.By doing this, rightangles were created.He repeated this process until the polygon was full of right angles.Following this, he found the area of each newly created triangle.Archimedes used the formula “1/2BH” to do so.

Afterward, he found the sum of the area of the triangles.His solution was quite close to the precise area of the circle. Even though Archimedes thought outside the box, he still used numerous practice standards.I personally feel that Archimedes used practice standard number five the most.Practice standard number five: Use appropriate tools strategically.

This is due to the fact that Archimedes was not only a mathematician, he was also an inventor.In both math and engineering, many tools are used.In math, Archimedes used writing utensils, paper, and ruler/measuring tools.In engineering, he used many levers, water, metal, and more.In addition, Archimedes also attended to precision by using his number system, instead of the Greek system which he claimed would not work.He also rounded repeating decimals.

In conclusion, Archimedes used many practice standards to help him become a better mathematician. Works Cited:

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