Are there more than three spatial dimensions

Obviously the answer is 42! Seriously though, is there? This is an extremely hard question to answer! Many famous physicists and mathematicians including Einstein and Isaac Newton have worked on this question. This has intrigued many people in the science world and in the public domain in London when a medium said that ghosts lived in the 4th dimension and he could communicate with them.

The thing that made this seem plausible is because many physicists backed him up. On the science side of it there were many ideas about the 4th dimension coming into the mainstream of the science world. Let’s first talk about the main leaders of research on the subject. There were many famous scientists who worked on this. There was Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Bernhard Riemann, and many more. Isaac Newton thought that gravity was an object in the 4th dimension pushing something rather than a three dimensional field.

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His work has helped Einstein and others with work on the unified field theory. Einstein created the space-time theory which explained how the 4th dimension could exist. Many people have heard (regarding time travel) “oh no that would mess up the space-time continuum which is actually space-time created by Einstein. Riemann made Riemannian geometry which states that for say a square can have more than 360 degrees. You can achieve this because in Euclidean geometry Euclid only expresses shapes on a completely flat surface but Riemann said if the medium is curved then there could be less or more than 360 degrees.

You cannot perceive the 4th spatial dimension because our brains are only three dimensional and we can only perceive lower dimensions. Many people have attempted to meditate and have said they have somewhat perceived the 4th dimension by thinking about a tesseract (yes it’s an actual thing not just a mystical superhero device) unraveled like how you can unravel a cube so it’s a cross symbol and you can do that so each square is a cube. This is hard to wrap your brain around but apparently some world class scientists can! If we saw a 4 dimensional being we would think it’s a god because there would be floating parts that seem to be broken apart and it could take things out of closed spaces without even opening the container. Of course governments would instantly seize it and governments would go to war and then an alliance would be formed for aliens but that’s another story and genre. If the fourth dimension actually existed that would simplify many theories that are extremely hard to explain just to explain with 3 dimensions. String theory is one of those theories that can be explained with more than three dimension s because it takes 10 dimensions which seems absurd but is possible.

Basically it expresses mass and energy as vibrations in tiny strings, so tiny that if the entire solar system was one atom than a string would be a normal tree on Earth.