Salience Dimensions of Grainier

Salience Dimensions of Grainier l) Depth of Brand Awareness Ease of recognition & recall Strong Brand Image & its easy availability in Indian Market: Grainier is a Skin Care range of products that Is widely available In Indian Retail Stores and It Is easy for Customers to recall the brand If they are looking to buy Hair Shampoo or Conditioner or a Skin Cream. Visibility of Bottles in Retail Stores: The Green Color range of its Fructify Line of Shampoos & Conditioners make the bottles look apart from other competitive brands like Sunlit & Dove. Strength AT Clarity & category Enrolments

Use of Fruit Concentrates in all of its Products which gives the Brand a Pure & trial Feel: Since range of its Shampoos, Conditioners & Face Wash comes with Fruit Concentrate, it is very much liked by its Customers & they tend to show loyalty towards the brand. Appearance of Modern Women as ambassadors & endorsers of product in their advertisements: Grainier as a brand is endorsed by Celebrities such as Sonoma Kapok, Sees Dell & Aisha Sparker, so it gives the Brand a very young, fresh & lively feel and attracts young girls who are in their teenage as well as modern & urbanites Women of today.

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) Breadth of Brand Awareness Purchase Consideration Commitment & Quality of the Brand makes it stand apart from its Competitors: All of Grainier Products gives me a lot of Satisfaction after its use, therefore, I have always felt a sense of Brand Loyalty towards Grainier and it is the only Brand that comes into my mind when I have to buy a Conditioner or a Shampoo.

Brand Justifies itself as a natural, fresh & clean Product to be used by teenage girls & young women: Its specially focused Nutritionists Line gives me a sense of feeling that I am not using NY artificial & synthetic concentrate on my hair & Skin and therefore, I rely on the Brand which makes my hair look shiny & soft & my Skin soft & beautiful. Consumption Consideration Aims at Upper Middle Class of urban women who are conscious of making their Skin look beautiful: Grainier is a Skin & beauty product which is aimed at a special segment of Urbanize, young & modern women who would want to make their skin look healthy & beautiful all the time.

So, its price range is such that it caters to Upper-Middle Class segment of women and is very much favored by them. Brand Image of Grainier perceived as Caring & Concerned about beauty of Indian Women: Grainier as a brand symbolizes Warmth & Affection being given to Indian Women as they are very much conscious of making themselves look fairer & soft & their hair look strong & beautiful. So, for new age modern women its always a better buy & a premium product to consider it to purchase & consume.

2- Advertisements focused on attracting new Customers to the Brand: The bottles of Grainier shampoos & controllers & Its toner products are available In all sizes wince makes it easier for its first-time buyers to give it a thought & consideration to use the reduce tallest once. 3. Performance Dimensions: Primary Characteristics Use of Fruit Concentrate as a natural ingredient in all of their Hair Products such as Shampoos & Conditioners Key primary ingredient is fruit concentrate used in all of their products.

It is a very pure & natural product as it is a combination of fruit acids, vitamin 83 & 86, fructose & glucose. The name Grainier Skin Naturals is given because they use only Natural components to make their items. Supplementary Features Customization of Skin Products which suits all Skin Types & Hair: Grainier apart from reducing only Styling products also is into market segment of Skin Care & beauty products.

Its Skin products are available into market for all Skin types: Normal, Oily & Dry and hair products are for Normal, Dry, Frizzy & Long hair as well.

So, I can say that it suits to individual needs & requirements & provide nourishment as per what suits to each person’s body type ; adaptability. Product Reliability, Durability ; Serviceability: Soft ; Wonderful feeling that Granger’s Skin & Hair Products leaves after its use deeply influences Customers Grainier is very much reliable & is a safe & trusted brand o use as my experience has always been wonderful using its products. After using its Shampoo & Conditioner, it leaves hair shiny & soft & therefore, my hair looks straight & beautiful.

So, the brand delivers exactly what it promises to provide.

It stands out perfectly in all respects & parameters & is definitely a better choice to select in comparison to other brands available in market. -3- If a customer ever faces a problem with the packaging of the product or the product being different from its core composition & components, the company has a liability to replace ten Tautly product NAS a commitment to solve ten customers apprehensions & complaints at the earliest.

The Products of Grainier are very much durable as they totally focus on providing nourishment to an individual’s needs ; demands ; are class apart in quality which is why it has become so much popular in India. Service Effectiveness, Efficiency ; Empathy Grainier as a brand is very Stylish, Urban ; Effective to use which reflects Warmth ; Caring feeling that it shows to its Customers Grainier as a very popular brand has an effective service in fulfilling Consumers expectations ; matches their changing needs ; requirements.

The Hair Color Range that Grainier has effectively launched in the Market has lots of buyers ; consumers in Urban India especially metro-cities. It aims at fulfilling modern women demand who wants to be updated and in-line with latest trends ; fashion.

The efficiency of Grainier products can be made out from the fact that its into Indian Markets for quite sometime now and is deeply penetrating its roots to become a household product ; diversifying its product line even more by launching its special skin care products for Men.

The brand shows its empathy to its Indian Consumers as they have launched all their reduces variants catering to every women demands as according to their Skin Tone ; Type. Style ; Design Constant launch of new range of products as per changing needs of its Buyers ; Brand’s loyal customers Grainier Fructify Shampoo comes in a very attractive Green Colored bottle which signifies that it’s a very pure ; natural brand which contains no synthetic harmful chemicals that could ruin its user’s Skin & Hair.

So, it gives me a lot of satisfaction seeing that the product always lives up to its commitment & promise. The Packaging of hair color that comes in various shades have become a fad among nouns & modern women & these days everybody tries to color their hair in all types of natural & basic colors.

So, it all already conveys the message that the products are premium & are very trendy & in-sync with latest fashion & beauty demands. 4- Its Brand ambassadors such as Simons Sings also clearly states in its TV Commercial that it’s a product which is very much safe to use and apart from young women even middle aged women should also try using the product tallest once. Price Price of its products is quite reasonable ; affordable by Upper Middle Class of Indian Society Grainier as a very class product has portrayed its image to be a part of permitted class ; to a very extent cater to the needs of middle class as well. The Shampoos of Grainier are priced at a range of RSI. 135 ; its Conditioners are priced at RSI. 20, therefore, it has set price standards in such a way that it can easily be afforded by growing Indian middle class ; if they would like to try out the sample of the product for the first time they could go for a small pack of its conditioners ; shampoos ; thus, could make up their minds of using the product in the long run if it suits them.

4. Imagery Dimensions: ) User Profiles Demographic ; Cryptographic Characteristics: Grainier mixes well with new age modern women and thus, appeals to them the most. Its strategic positioning is to target women who would want to look beautiful and portray themselves as precious ; special.

Actual or Inspirational: The Brand is inspirational from the aspect that it shows Women to take care of their Skin ; the essential parts of their beauty such as Skin which could make a lot of difference in their appearance ; persona. If they look beautiful, they tend to become more self-confident ; much more independent ; have a positive attitude towards fife.

Group Perceptions ; Popularity: It is very much popular with young women who would want to nourish their Skin with essential natural fruit ingredients which gives them a feeling of warmth ; care.

The Brand identity is such that it focuses on the essential daily beauty requirements of a metro woman. -5_ it) Purchase ; Usage Situations: Type of Channel, specific stores ; ease of purchase: Grainier is such an easily available Brand in the Market that anybody could see it in big retail Stores in India ; even in small independent shops which are privately owned. This depicts the Brand’s strong Distribution Channel & thus, Justifies for its availability all across the nation. The Brand has a strong image & thus totally in true sense a global brand with its presence across various countries & continents all over the World.

Time, Location & Context of Usage: The Brand is such an essential Skin & Hair Care Product that it can be used daily or in every 2-3 days in a week. Thus, the demand for its products is constant by its Customers. Since, it has a wide availability all across India we can get it even in small cycles. Iii) Brand Personality & Values: Grainier as a brand is perceived as being: Soft & Caring Stylish Upbeat & very Urban Smart & Trendy Pure & Natural Attractive Values: Sincerity: Grainier has always been consistent in living up to its Commitment & I take pride saying that it is a very good & excellent product to use.

It is worth the value of money that I have always spent on its purchase.

Excitement: The Brand’s newly launched Fructify line of Shampoos ; Conditioners always generates excitement in Consumer’s minds to use the products in the first place & get a feel of warmth & affection that the product has to offer after its use. Competence, Sophistication & Ruggedness: Competency of the brand is undoubtedly a lot better than its competitors and it is an excellent product to be used by Consumers again & again. 6- iv) History, Heritage & Experiences: Since, Grainier is a very established US based brand; people in Western Countries have a nostalgic feeling attached to it more than Customers who are here in India. My experience with the Product each time after its use has always been lovely & wonderful. The Smooth & shiny touch that its Shampoo & Conditioner leaves on my scalp & anal rater I TTS use Is amazing. I nee toner Duty products II Eke Its race was always cleans my face from deep within the pores and therefore, I feel very soft & lively after using it.

Each of the Grainier products has its own uniqueness & that is why it is a very popular brand all across so many countries. 3. Judgment Dimensions I) Brand Quality Value & Satisfaction: All of Grainier Products are worth the value for money spent on them. The Brand quality is undoubtedly the best & gives a tough competition to other brands available in the market. Grainier tries to cater to all of its Customer demands by launching rand new products such as Grainier Eye roll on, Grainier Light Matt effect creams & recently venturing out into Men’s Cream through which they are targeting a completely new segment.

Hence, we can say that Grainier absolutely lives Upton its promise ; commitment ; delivers the best in class daily use products.

I’) Brand Credibility Expertise, Trustworthiness & Likeability: Grainier comes from the House of a very premium Fashion Major L’oreal which is widely known for its Cosmetics ; Style Products. Therefore, it is assured that the products which Grainier launches under its brand name comes only after an intensive research conducted by its experts as it caters to Beauty segment ; especially Skin Care products.