L’Oreal group Case Study

For more than 100 years, Garner has been creating innovative and accessible cosmetics to cover multiple beauty needs. Today, Garner is the 2nd largest brand in L’Oreal group and is sold in more than 64 countries. Its driving force lies in Its dynamic spirit and strong optimism Established in 1904 in the city of Blobs (central France) by Alfred Amour Garner, the brand still bears the name of Its founder. Garner offers a wide variety of beauty products through Its well-known and worldwide daughter-brands.

Pioneer In home hair-color since 1960 -with Belle Color which Is still very popular In France- Garner never stopped Innovating and expanding around the world with Neutrals and Color Naturals, two leading brands In major emerging markets. Garner built a strong relationship with Its consumers In hair care field especially In the sass with Ultra DOUG -symbol of softness and nature for all generations- and then with Fructose In the sass. As a true skin care expert, Garner also offers a large selection of products, from face care to sun care.

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Among Grannies skin care products some of them have a become essential such as Amber Solaria – historical brand focused on pleasure and sun protection, Garner body..

. Or the iconic Garner B Cream. In its constant quest of seasonality and pleasure, Garner draws its inspiration from the best scientific expertise, for instance through extracting high potential ingredients from nature. More than ever Garner takes care of you with its innovations that make your daily life easier!

Garner is a mass market cosmetics brand of L’Oreal©al that produces hair care and skin care products. The company started as Laboratories Garner in 1904, and was acquired by L’Oreal©al in the sass. Current product lines include Fructify shampoos and conditioners, and Nutrients hair color.

Garner is sold in numerous countries worldwide, with specific product lines targeted for different skin types and cultures. In 2011, Garner partnered with Tetracycline to promote bicycling of product containers and the introduction of biodegradable products.