Art and Music in Schools

An issue I feel strongly about is art and music in schools. Art and music can help you express who you truly are. Taking away those things is like taking away a piece of someone. As Stella Adler once said “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” I believe that that means you need art and music to continue with your life… to keep moving forward and moving on. To get rid of art and music in schools would crush some children’s souls.

There are many different reasons why neither of those things should be removed from schools. It could be the reason why someone wakes up in the morning or even go to school. It could be why people haven’t given up and keep going. To remove art and music from schools, you are taking away someone’s hopes and dreams. You are telling them that you don’t care about what they want or like. Art and music are a way of releasing all of the emotions in you in a safe and good way.

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More money should be given to the art and music departments because it keeps children and teens off the street and in the school. It gives them something worth living for. Money should go towards there instead of new football or basketball uniforms. Having that kind of outlet could save someone’s life or stop the fighting in schools. Being able to express yourself can open so many doors for you. Without art and music how are you supposed to express yourself in school without getting into trouble? More funding needs to go to the schools because the supplies are being paid for from the teachers own pockets.

What is needed more than anything is for everyone to have a way to express who they are and what they believe in, and art and music provide exactly that. When you need an escape from the world you can always turn to those two things. You can forget about your life if only for a few hours. By not having those classes and programs you are taking away their escape. When you’re making any kind of art you forget about what everyone has said and what everyone thinks of you. You focus on the here and now not the past or future.

Art and music are a necessity of life. Without art there is no escape and without music there is no release. What schools really need to do is have those two things. When you have art and music it seems like the world is a better place, like there is something to live for and look forward to. Schools should give the students a chance to express what the feel and what they see.