Art Is a Key to Creativity and Inventiveness

Imagine the world where no students take art as a course and have any of you thought about how important art is part of our life? These days, students are simply too busy with other major courses such as English, social studies, science and math.

However, people do not realise that art is very crucial to our daily lives. Nowadays, most jobs require ingenious, whether you are a designer, constructor or an advertiser. If students are required to learn art as a subject, they will be able to obtain creativity and high concentration. First of all, I strongly believe that art should be one of the required courses to learn at school because art is a subject that lets students be more creative and improve academic performance by using skills that they have learned from art class. Unlike many other subjects at school, there are no right or wrong answers. While other subjects don’t really require creativity, art requires you the outlines to be innovative.

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According to PBS parents website, “Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better!”. This quote indicates that art is a way to build up and enlarge thinking inventively. For instance, art was one of my course at school and I noticed that before and after taking art class made huge differences in my life. The techniques that I learned in art were used in social studies visual note taking such as drawing simple animated characters easily and language arts rule of thirds which was very helpful, advantageous, and conducive. Therefore, art should be set as a required course, in order to enhance students’ creativity. To add on to the previous statement, I strongly admit that art increases individuals’ concentration.

Working hard on one thing make students concentrate and this is part of process of letting students to maintain their concentration without getting tired easily. According to Be Brain Fit, it states, “Creating art trains you to concentrate on details and pay more attention to your environment. In this way, it acts like meditation”. This evidence support that art actually increase concentration when they practice drawing based on details and repeating for several times. For example, students who are distracted by something and could not keep on their task should try to work on art.

To illustrate, I had once when I was deeply addicted to online Tetris games and after I took an art class last semester, I totally forgot the awareness of the Tetris game because drawing made me happier than the tetris which actually hurt my eyes and affect my body by the lights reflecting from the computer screen. The outcome was that I got to think deeper about the techniques of the places and concentrate on one thing for a long period of time. Therefore, students who wants to increase their time on studying without any other distraction and keep on maintaining their concentration should learn art on purpose. Although a majority of people would say that art as a requirement is a waste of time to the students who decided their job that is not related because they think that art takes a long time for some of the immature students, and there are no benefits that makes students better in their way to the future. Also, art takes a long time to think of creative works.

However, this fails to consider that art is waste of the time because if they keep on working, they will be used to think faster, efficiently and productively and finally makea good piece of work in a very short amount of time which means that art is beneficial consequence that actually let students advantage their concentration.Therefore, school should arrange art class for students to learn art as their required subject since art benefits students maintaining and increasing the level of concentration, and advancing their creativity by practicing and trying for several times. To conclude, school should make students to learn art as their required subject whether they need or not for their future job since they could easily maintain and increase level of concentration, and advance their creativity by thinking deeper. Thus, I believe students should take art as their main course for their benefits.