Arts and Music in Pubic Schools…

When in school, you have a favorite class. Some say English, some say history, but most will say art and music. When you go to a public school, art and music programs aren’t the best.

You don’t have enough supplies, not many music programs, and a shortage of paints and paper. I think that the way art and music programs in public school are funded isn’t right. Art and music class are classes just like English and History. When you are in art and music class you are usually stuck in an extra class room, or you have to share a class room. There isn’t always enough money for supplies, so you have to have used pianos, and cheep paints. When I am in a music class people always run for the music books in the best condition, or the sheet music that doesn’t have ripped papers.

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In art class, students run for the best smocks, because most of them are ripped and gross. At my school, we barely have a music program. We have a middle school band and choir, and a high school band and choir. There is only a few people in the band and choir, but all the people have to perform after school, and they are graded at all performances, in school and out of school. So if they want to or not they are performing and being graded at all times. At my school, art is a cycle class, so we only have it for three months, and then we switch to a dollars and cents class or a different math or bullying related class.

The classes are in alphabetical order, so because my last name begins with an r, I am in the last class, and we have to reuse papers and do projects on printer paper. The paints and other supplies are almost empty, so our final projects don’t always look as good as the first class’ projects. Some people don’t even get to finish their projects, because they don’t have paint or markers so their grades are incomplete or late. There are plenty of ways that the art and music programs can be made better. There can be more funds, and all of the problems can be solved. There can be more music programs made.

The supplies for all classes can be bought new and repaired. And new papers could be bought along with paints and markers. This can all be fixed if public schools made more funds for the art and music programs.