Arts Editorial

How do you feel about having about orchestras? Do you think that that our school should have one? Is the band enough, or do you not really care? My high school’s fine arts program is way too small! The concert band has about forty members in it.

Most schools have over a hundred. The choir has about thirty. The biggest issue is that we do not have an orchestra. Some students play an orchestral instrument and can not play it for school, performances, or anything like that. There could be many reasons why we don’t have one, but thats still not excuse. Many students have a wonderful musical ability that they can’t show because we don’t h Does the school not have a lot of money to pay for all of the expenses? Not enough staff? Maybe the reason is because nobody asked if the students would like to be in orchestra when they were offered the opportunity to join the band.

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The possibilities are endless, but we could cut back on a few electives to make this happen. We don’t need three art classes, and we definitely don’t need a fashion class. Why do we even need a fashion class? You obviously have your own opinion. Just think about it. Our high school is the only school in Butler County that does not have an orchestra. Hamilton City Schools has over two hundred city-wide.

They do a program on television every year. Mason City Schools has a wonderful program that has won many awards. But, this school doesn’t have one. Think of how it could represent our school. What do you think of all of this? Do you agree? Do you disagree? The point, is that we should be able to offer the students the wonderful opportunity to have an orchestra. Even if that means cutting back a few electives if the school does not have enough money to pay for everything that is needed.

We should give the chance for people to play a violin, viola, cello, or a bass. The music is very important to some students. Some would hate to see it disappear with this generation.