The Importance of the Arts Free Essay Sample

The arts in schools are an extremely important source of education and should be treated as such. I find it frustrating that classes such as band, theatre, art, and dance are treated as lesser-than compared to athletics.

This is evident in my school and many other schools throughout the country. Arts classes are just as important as math and english classes as well. For example, a study by Virginia Penhune at Concordia University shows that musical training, particularly instrumental training, produces long lasting changes in motor abilities and brain structure. The earlier a child starts instrumental training, the stronger the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Students who play an instrument for 30 minutes a week in the time of a year have more highly developed brains. Although 42 states require schools to teach the arts and 30 states require students to take art classes, these requirements are sometimes vague and students can meet them by taking a foreign language.

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Many students, teachers, and administrators don’t see the importance of arts education. I’ve been in band for six years, and each year I find it to be one of the most important and impactful classes I take. Being in band has taught me incredibly important skills such as analytical thinking, teamwork, motivation and self-discipline, skills that I will definitely use throughout my life. Arts classes are just as important as every other class and are also of equal importance to sports. Art channels your inner self and helps you access your emotions.

Music, theatre, art, and dance classes should not be taken away from schools.