Why Music ; Arts Should Be Kept In Public Schools

Have you ever pondered why people involved in arts tend to be generally more intelligent and successful? The reason for this is being active in music, art, drama, ect. has many benefits that come along with it.

Arts & music should stay in public schools because it helps kids stay better focused in class, keeps them from getting into trouble, and is a gateway for success in college and adulthood. To get rid of these classes would be robbing our youth of a gift that will be at their disposal for the rest of their lives. We need to keep these programs available for our children’s sake. To commence, I strongly believe that involvement in music and fine arts helps young people exercise their scholastic ability. When kids are in any extracurricular activity for that matter, they are much more focused on their grades in comparison to ones who aren’t. To be active in arts stimulates their mind and assists them in academic advancement.

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For instance, most people in band, chorus, or drama are honor roll students. Most teachers would even tell you that some of their best students are into one of these art forms. I think that says something about the academic integrity of these various classes. When students are involved in the fine arts program it keeps them doing something constructive and off the streets with nothing good to do. I once heard a man say “idle hands commit crimes.

” Children and teenagers today get into so many afflictions because they have nothing constructive or meaningful to do with their time. If all juveniles did something that could be used to better themselves or their community, the crime rate among miners would plummet immensely. Reckless and violent acts would descend to minute rates in schools and neighborhoods. To keep our streets safe, we must keep these programs in schools and try to get our youth involved in them. Closing out this transcript, my conclusive argument for why it’s imperative for us to keep fine arts in public schools is that music and arts are entryways for success after high school. A calavocade of scholarships & acceptance letters will pour in for young people participating in these activities.

I myself am a good example of this, I’ve already gotten letters from two colleges concerning their music program my freshman year. In reality, it’s conclusive that there are exceedingly more opportunities for kids engaged in music, drama, and art than those involved in sports. If we want our young ones to be more successful in the long run and be able to have an easier life, one of the best ways to do this would be keeping these beneficial classes in schools. In summation, it would be criminal to abort these fine programs from our public schools. One could gather from this essay all the lifetime benefits of being engaged and active in just one of these classes. Our children need them because these classes keep their minds focused on their school work, keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, and finally they almost guarantee our kids will have fruitful, successful lives.

We absolutely must keep and enforce these programs into our institutes of learning if we want the next generation to shine. It’s that important.