Expression of the Arts is Everywhere, Even in schools

Have you ever been sitting listening to music and get lost into the beat of the song? Or ever got amazed with a painting that moves your feelings, your soul? Have you ever went to a play of which makes you go deep into a imaginary fantasy world of which anything is possible? Then you have experienced the Arts, there are more things that enter the category of this amazing passion. The love for the Arts, the wanting to change the world through messages of creativity.

And some of these opportunities are being ripped away from children who want to spread the message of the Arts. And if music and the Arts don’t get put into schools. Then those students wouldn’t not be able to get the preparation for the career of which they want to procure. So the Arts should be included in schools. One reason why the Arts and music should be in schools is because it can help free stress of the school day.

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You know how stressful school can be. You worry that you wouldn’t get your work done and on top of that more work piles on top of that. You feel that there is no way to get rid of this so you put in your headphones and turn up the volume to your favorite song, open your drawing book and start to draw what you feel, or start to write a story or poem. You just thank as that as a way to escape from the deep black hole of stress. As you can see if those resources where provided in school maybe that would help those students of which is feeling stressed. That is one reason why the Arts and music should be in schools.

Another reason why the Arts should be in schools is to help students express themselves. During the school day sometimes students don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves and showing their true colors. But maybe if we give them options to help them completely let loose and enjoy what they are gifted with. Also some kids don’t feel like they fit in. But when they are doing something that they love with people who also share the same passion, then they actually feel like they are included.

For example you, my fellow peers, know that in almost every class there is a girl or boy of which sits silent, with glasses, taking notes on everything the teacher says, nose in a book, or always doing what the teacher ask. But what you may not know is that kid can also be the most creative and bright person you have ever met. If him or her is included in something called the Arts. Lastly a reason why the Arts should be included in schools is to give students something to look forward to every day and enjoy. You know how the school day is so boring for students.

And how they don’t want to go everyday of the week. But maybe if we add classes of which they love, then maybe they want to come to school. To enjoy what they love, and know that every day they work so hard that they get to do something that leads to great pleasure. A way to get the freedom of which us students of which feel is taken from them during the school day. A sort of recess for the mind, rest from all the information compiled into the brain in a day.

And I thank all students who are in middle or high school that during the day you need some kind of break. Something to look forward to. That is a reason why the Arts should be included in schools. As you can see the Arts can have a great impact on students and how much they mean to some as well. That is why the Arts should be included in schools. So that we, the kids, can show are true colors.

Because that is what the Arts are all about. Expression