Music and Arts in Schools.

Music and arts in schools are very important. Many schools are eliminating art and music programs. People who are eliminating these programs do not realize how important music and arts are too many people. Kids who are in the arts are proven to do better in school.

Kids in the arts are also good at problem solving and making great judgments. Removing art and music programs would be taking away the great opportunities the arts offer kids. Many kids’ lives revolve around the arts. The arts express emotions that words cannot describe. People express many emotions through the arts. Removing sad feelings or anger can stop violence and depression.

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Every person has a story and people tell these stories in music and other arts. Many kids have big dreams through the arts. The inspiration and the people in these programs are what keep these dreams alive. Through these programs kids learn a lot about their different arts while achieving great lengths in confidence. With this confidence these kids can achieve anything they put their mind to.

In these programs kids build friendships that last a lifetime. The teachers of these programs help kids learn a lot about their craft while giving confidence to achieve dreams and goals they have. Music and art education should never be eliminated from schools. For those kids who have dreams that should never be forgotten and make the world a better place through their art and music.