“As a student of humanities”

Only an arts and humanities student can be familiar with the hostility with which they are treated in the city of Kota. Kota, as a landmark for IIT and AIPMT/AIIMS coaching institutes, is primarily a city of science aspirants. Arts to them, is a choice of utter buffoons and morons where no reasonable person would dare to walk until and unless he or she is a failure compelled to do so due to their low grades. A person who seeks a perfect life must be pursuing math or medicine. In this scenario artists, journalist, lawyers, graphic designers or other creative folks hold no ground against them.

I pity their narrow ideology. I also want to blame the govt. for not fulfilling their moral duty of generating wider scopes of jobs offering middle class standards. In fact, it would be wrong for me to accuse them so, but I really can’t resist this imbecile behavior that I keep facing. I am myself a student of arts, and I have scored pretty well.

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I could easily have opted for science streams, but I chose to pursue what my heart wanted to. So arts, is it. What I face now is ignorance on part of my school that values me under my science stream counterparts. I had a tough time, looking for a nice combination of subjects and I am ready to try my best in studies. What compelled me to write this is an accident that occurred in my Ph.

E period. I was standing in the queue of my class when the Ph.E teacher spotted me with my classmates. He exclaimed “Bakhtawar have you fallen to the level of humanities?” his tone made me a bit annoyed and disturbed. Although, I did gave the apt explanation and everything else was smoother but the question does not deals with this anymore.

This deals with the biased mindset that one holds against humanities. First of all, arts as a stream is not easy. It is just comfortable with most of us and yet we think that if we had better taken that instead of science and math, it is just your guilt returning for not choosing the thing you loved and learned better. More people take science without reflecting on it for a moment and hence suffer and society then believes that science is tougher. But the truth is that arts seems to be easier because the real people (who are not forced by their low grades) who dare to choose it after reflecting on their decision tends to succeed.

Kota might not find it easier to digest, but an artist (supposedly me) is ready to break its norms. I’ll prove my worth as an arts and humanities student. You malignant Kota, you just wait and watch. Here I come!!!